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2020-06-03 - 12:05 p.m.

I have a teleconference in 20 minutes. I wonder how far I can get on an entry in that time. I'm kind of bummed today for a few reasons.

1. A man was killed by a dirty cop with a long history of using excessive force. There should be at the very least some kind of 3 strikes you're out rule for cops who go too far. Officer Chauvin has been reported 13 times. He should not be a cop at this point. We should not have to worry about the police force murdering us in the streets. I didn't see anything to indicate the killing was racially motivated, but everything is filed under racism in our country now. It is bad enough that a citizen was killed by a dirty cop while 3 other cops looked on and did nothing to prevent the death. It shouldn't happen to anyone, any race.

2. The looting, burning, rioting, damaging of property is depressing enough, but there is a stupid narrative going around that these looters, criminals, city ruiners are some kind of heroes. These criminals don't care about George Floyd, racism, or injustice. Many of them are paid rioters and the rest are petty criminals looking for a chance to steal stuff and damage property. The world is full of idiots. It's depressing.

3. I had to go to my ex-husband's place for a family gathering and they are overly strict parents to their 4 adopted children. One of them is my god son and if anything happens to them I will raise him. He is precious and they treat him the worst of all. It's a long story, but I'm confronting them this weekend. Something has to change.

4. My one lil chicken, my daughter, who is old enough to have her own place, has gotten her own place and is moving this weekend. I will still see her all the time, but it is a little bittersweet to see your little bird fly the nest. She will take her fat little dog with her and I have bonded with the pooch as well, so... ::sigh:: *Misfitstray... this is why I have 3 dogs with me all day now. One belongs to my daughter.

5. I rescued a butterfly that appeared to be dead in my driveway a couple of days ago. I brought him in, fed him some honey water and sliced fruit, and he seemed to rally a little. But little butterfly friend, Andre, seems to have kicked the bucket, bought the farm, got off at the last stop, given up the ghost, assumed room temperature, ceased to beeeee...

So. Meh.

Meeting time!

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