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2019-01-30 - 12:53 p.m.

I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger with crabs.

Life is very happy in this new community. I am loving it. I now have too many social things to do. I've got my immediate family all around me but I also have other relatives close by that are coming to see me. I've been visited by several relatives that I haven't seen in years. I like it. My sister and niece are spending a lot of time here and my kid lives with me now. So I've been pretty well occupied non-stop through the holidays and beyond.

But it's not all rainbows and unicorn farts.

If you read here regularly, you might remember that I had a crazy guy who was pursuing me hotly even though I have tried every nice and not so nice way to say "It ain't happening." He has stepped up his fervor lately, and he has figured out that I don't live in Texas anymore. He knows I am in the Ozarks and he is just yearning to find out exactly where. My situation with him is like this: He scares me. He stalks me. However... as long as I am not actively rejecting him directly, he calms down and seems harmless. He is pitiful and I used to feel very sorry for him, but he is now a hopeless nuisance and there is no circumstances under which I would see him voluntarily. As long as I am dodging his calls, speaking to him once in a blue moon to let him tell me about his new job or new truck or whatever, he is docile. It is when I say I don't want a relationship with him that he tells me something crazy like "Get a body guard". He told me I will need a shotgun and a body guard to keep him away from me. He wants to marry me. His dream is to come see me. He is never letting me go. If I become aggressive with him, I'm afraid he will start seriously harassing me. I can keep him under control by being neutral and distant. It is better to know what he is thinking than not. Sooooo... he recently started sending me a bunch of pictures of his 18 wheeler and just loads of stuff. I didn't give him my phone number by the way... he somehow got it on his own. He texts me often. The other day he sent me a big close up of his scary, scary face. He looks hollow eyed and mindless. This caused me to have a nightmare about being abducted by him. A really scary nightmare in which he tried to stab me in the leg with a needle full of some kind of animal tranquilizer. The needle didn't get through my jeans and he didn't know that he missed the mark, so he was telling me I could run, but I would be unconscious really soon. So, I ran and got into a building that I could lock him out of. I woke up thinking thank God that was only a dream. I think the fact that he didn't get me in the dream is my subconscious feeling that he is not really a serious threat. He can't really get me because he's too fried and brain cell deprived to think straight.

This sounds worse than it is. Anyone reading this probably thinks I'm in mortal danger. But I have known this guy almost my whole life and he really has always been crazy about me. He is nice and respectful when he is not drunk. All the scary things were said when he was drunk dialing me. I don't answer any calls from him after 6 or 7 pm because he's drunk after the work day is over. I think if I had a boyfriend, he would back off for however long he thinks I'm in a relationship so I am thinking of making up a fake boyfriend. I am not quite sure how I would pull this off yet, but I'm thinking about it.

What a stupid problem to have.

My work life has been pretty good lately. My work load is very do-able and I'm not being scrutinized or micro-managed. I've gotten almost all of my pressing problems taken care of but I still have a couple of unpleasant chores hanging over me. I have a weird tax problem and I need to get my oil changed. That is basically the last of the little details of life that I've let go for too long and must tend to before disaster strikes.

I am loving this thing called winter. I know I'm in the minority on that. I have lived in the deep dirty south for many years and the climate was the thing I hated most so I am really enjoying these days of cool to cold weather. I like most weather except hot & humid. So this is a blissful climate for me. I do look forward to spring when it's comfortable and no coat is required, but I don't want to rush through these days of winter that I've missed for so many years.

I have to catch up on the blogs here since most of the ones I read have updated since I was last here.


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