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2020-01-15 - 12:04 p.m.

So... it's mid January. I am looking forward to Spring time. I want to do some things to spruce up my yard and patio. I absolutely love living in a place with a mild climate. I moved here from the Gulf of Mexico, basically. In that place, the heat and humidity becomes oppressive in early spring and stays too hot to enjoy life until mid November. We only had 2 seasons there 1.) Hot as Hell and 2.) Rainy season. There were 2 years in a row that I lived there and we had temperatures over 100 for more than 60 consecutive days. I should have moved when that happened the first time. I also was severely displaced or greatly inconvenienced by 2 major hurricanes. Hurricane Ike knocked me out of my apartment and lost me all of my refrigerator and freezer contents. I had to live at my work place (which was a hospital) for a solid week after coming home from my mother's house where I spent the first week or so after the storm. Hurricane Harvey hit on the very day I was to fly out to Estes Park for a paid for vacation. My kid and I were going to stay at the haunted Stanley Hotel in the very most haunted room. A room that Jim Carrey reportedly fled from and then refused to even go back for his stuff. We had other hurricanes and floods damage our town, but these 2 storms were the worst for me. I don't know why people buy property on Galveston at all. I knew my time there was temporary. I loved my house there, but I lived in fear of it flooding or being wiped away by storms. I am now a permanent landlubber. I shall make my home inland forevermore. All done with coastal living.

Boy, did I digress.

My yard and patio was where I was going when I chased the hurricane rabbit down the happy trail. Here's my porch and yard plan: I want a really nice porch swing. That is happening in the very near future. I may not even wait for Spring if I can find one more nowish. I also would like to have my yard landscaped in some kind of way. One thing I want is some kind of bricks or paving stones of some type around the base of my wooden privacy fence so my pups can't dig under the fence. They haven't tried it, but I worry that they will one day. Especially Jax. He's a runner. He has gotten out of the house 2 times in his life, and both times I would have never caught him if it weren't for him having to poop the first time and him coming to the edge of a sink hole and not knowing what to do the second time. I am very careful with him. He's so cute, no one would give him back if he got away. I love my fur babies. I also would like to plant a couple of apple trees on the sunny side of my yard. I also would like a blue spruce somewhere in my yard. It's rocky here and very difficult to plant big things. I could pay a local nursery to bring out a couple of trees and plant them. I don't know if I will do that or not. I tend to put these things off. I've been living here almost 2 years (Can you believe that?) and I still don't have any apple trees or stones around my fence. I am definitely getting a swing though. That is happening for sure. If I had planted apple trees right away, they'd be doing well by now, maybe producing fruit. I think apple trees need to be about 5 years old before they produce, but I plan to get trees that are already a few years old. I could be having apples this fall, but no. I'll be buying apples. They grow all over the place here. There are lots of orchards.

I'm rambling for no reason.

I need to get back to work so I can set myself free for the day.

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