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2020-10-16 - 1:18 p.m.

I'm so happy! I escaped a 4 hour conference call this afternoon!! Our software builders added me to a training session (aka Soopoh Usoh Twaining) for a role I will not be assuming. There's no reason for me to know that stuff. They are trying to be mighty casual with 50% of my workday. There is yet another 4 hour one 2 weeks from today. I emailed my boss and told him I have become weary of giving up large chunks of my work time to sit in on meetings that don't pertain to my job and if he did not mind, I would like to skip it. He emailed me right back with a big ole "YES. G'head and skip it!" Yay me.

On one job in my past, I was on 8 different committees. Useless, useless committees. I don't like being trapped in a bunch of meetings. At another job in my past, the CEO liked the way I did reports and he sort of drafted me as his spokesperson. He would say "Make me a nice report... and make me sound smart, like you always do..." I didn't mind doing that for him.

So the downside of my fabulous job is copious amounts of conference calls. I do get sick of conference calls. I have a meeting per week for each of my 3 sites. Plus a minimum of 1 hour long meeting for the software, plus liberally sprinkled 2 and 4 hour training sessions with these software people and then impromptu meetings here and there for a variety of reasons and one monthly process meeting with my boss. This leaves me 6 minutes to do my actual work.

Friday again already!! I have to get a few more things done before the end of business.


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