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2019-03-18 - 1:26 p.m.

I haven't updated since the end of January? I didn't realize it had been so long.

I'm having quite the Monday. I'm a remote worker and I'm called in to cover for people who are off, out sick, or whatever. Sometimes I am the interim person when someone quits or gets fired. (which happens way too often in this company.) I also have a full time assignment, so whatever cover work I do is in addition to my full load of regular work. I should expect them to assign me cover jobs. Still, I am feeling very put upon because one of the assigners likes me extra much, apparently, and she tries to assign me to every thing that comes up. There are 4 people who could be assigned... but NOOOOOOO only I will suffice. She has asked me twice this week to cover for different people. She had me doing other people's work last week and pretty much every week. It's like her new hobby is finding me extra work to do. She always talks to me like I am wonderful and she can't believe I am willing to help her out yet again. It's not like I have a choice. I'd love to tell her to go scratch but alas, It is my lot in life to cover for these non-ceasing perpetual vacationers. It's time for me to request some time off. I'm officially annoyed.

I have to cover for this one girl this Wednesday and Thursday and I don't like to work for that facility. They do everything wrong. I hate their documentation. It's 'tarded. I don't wanna. Bleh.

Oh, also... my software crapped out today and it got stuck on one account and I could not back out or navigate away from it. I had to go through a lonnnnnng time with tech support (longer on hold) and then as soon as we hung up, I saw that my application was way too big for my screen and I could not reduce it. I had to call tech support again. It was not a fun morning.

I need to win the lottery. I'd like to just enjoy my life and not worry about making money anymore.

Otherwise, things are peachy. The weather is like glorious springtime. I have a fat dog lying in a sun ray that is shining on the floor. I really just want to go play. Monday is lost to these piles of work.

I've got the Spring fever.

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