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2021-02-22 - 7:49 p.m.

A month has passed since I last wrote in here. It seems impossible to have been that long. Seems like only a few days have passed. We have just had 2 weeks of snow days. My boy missed 3 days of school the first week and all 5 days last week. It seems like any excuse whatsoever will do to cancel school anymore.

I saw that famous video of members of a school board making fun of parents and talking smack about them just wanting the teachers back in school because they want their babysitters back.

YES!! That is exactly what we want. OUR BABYSITTERS BAAAAAAAAAACK. Get in the classroom and stay there, OK? I feel no shame at all when I say I want my babysitter back. I put him in public school so I could get some work done and have some hours of the day when I am not serving my tiny master. haha

Just kidding. He is actually a peach. He has been so quiet today, it's been almost like he wasn't home. He plays video games and he has a limited amount of video game time so he is on it like stink on a monkey when he gets the chance.

Disclaimer: I'm following the science that children do not seem to get critically ill with Covid, nor do they often pass it amongst themselves or to others. The science supports teachers going back to work, but teacher's unions in large dem cities are fighting this. These are the same people who hate you with a seething passion and call you a science denier if you notice that the globe doesn't seem to be warming. Are we going to believe the science or not?

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