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2019-07-01 - 10:21 a.m.

Monday again already. I have assessed my work load and found that I've got a very do-able load today. I should be doing it right now so I can play later but life is uncertain, eat dessert first, right?

I was awakened by an unpleasant charlie horse in my left foot today. That was super awesome. On the upside though, I slept great right up until the charlie horse happened. I was too sleepy to live by about 11 pm last night. I'm not one to want to give up a good time though, so I tried to stay up later. I failed miserably in that effort and fell asleep in my chair. I woke up around midnight and just went to bed. I usually wake up 6 hours after I fall asleep, no matter what, but this time I slept for about 8 hours so I'm all hopped up on extra sleep today.

I have been a night owl all of my life and here lately I get sleepy like a normal person. Very strange, for me. When I was in college, I had real, actual, insomnia. I would sometimes just not be able to fall asleep all night long. I would just get ready and go to class on zero sleep. I wouldn't even be sleepy during the day after no sleep. I was very driven and my mind was very busy. I didn't seem to need sleep. All this has changed now. Ha.

So. I'm hungry and yet I don't want to go scrounge up some grub. Where is my damn butler? That slacker NEVER shows up for work. I guess if you want something done and done right... you have to do it yourself.

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