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2021-09-12 - 11:33 a.m.

Update time!

I had 4 chemo treatments and then a PET scan to see how much progress was made. I got very good news from the scan. The cancer has gone mostly away. I mean, they don't see it in the scan. My CA125 is normal now at 34. It was 777 when I started. So that is a huge reduction back to normal. My doctor was very pleased and she said the next step is surgery. I don't have to get chemo for 6 weeks. I'm super happy about that because the cumulative toxic effect made me very sick on the last one. The surgery will get rid of any disease that is in there and then there will be 2 more chemo treatments to get any rogue cells that exist. Then I will be cancer free!

I am praying for no recurrence. There is a high chance of recurrence with ovarian cancer and the treatment is less effective when it comes back. It's like the cancer learns to survive it or something. So pray for no recurrence! I've seen some good success stories where people are survivors for many years with no recurrence. Those are encouraging. I'm thinking of trying some things that are said to naturally suppress cancer. Sugar free diet and intermittent fasting. I think I will eat 3 bitter apricot seeds per day. It makes a low level of cyanide in your body that kills cancer cells. Things like that.

So I am doing really well right now. Sept 8 would have been the date for my 5th chemo if my scan results hadn't been as good as they were. So I am not going to be poisoned again for 6 weeks and this gives me a chance to rebuild some strength. I've done really well as far as my labs go too. My doctor says she is amazed at my labs. Most people become anemic and their labs get out of whack, but my blood counts are all in the normal range.

My boy is staying with my sister right now and I guess he will stay there until I get a few days past my surgery. She might keep him longer. Maybe even until I've finished my last 2 chemos. He goes to school and we can't have him bringing me any Covid, so he is staying with Auntie. He has already been quarantined because he ate lunch with a kid that had covid. He didn't get sick himself. He seems to have a pretty good immune system. He comes over once in a while so I do get to see him. He will be here on Tuesday. We are going to watch a minecraft movie.

I can't get the shot because it is dangerous for people in cancer treatment. I hope I don't get a problem from my employer. So far they have been great. I have a z pack on hand and I am about to get some of the drug that ignorant people call horse paste, but in reality, it is a drug for humans, there is a human tablet. I won't be getting mine from the veterinarian. LOL. I think I will take the pill made for human beings that has been shown to end covid if I come down with any covid symptoms. It's effective in 85% of the cases and makes the covid go away quickly. There is also monoclonal infusion that gives antibodies and that also ends the virus quicker and stops it from getting so deadly. If you cannot get the shot, you definitely need a back up plan.

I've been staying my ass home and ordering my groceries delivered. I'm not around the public. My parents are retired so they are also hermitting it up. My sister works from home. My daughter works in health care and is tested and monitored constantly, plus, she had covid and is now immune. The family gets together with each other about once a week. If anyone has been exposed, they stay away till they are safe to rejoin us. So far so good.

I didn't update for a long while since I've been laying around like a speed bump. I was reeeeeally sick after my 4th chemo and it lasted 3 weeks. I'm still a little weak, actually. I'm getting better now. I lost a lot of weight and also a lot of muscle. I'm going to have to start the dreaded exercise to rebuild my muscles. Especially in my legs. My calves left town. They headed out the back, Jack. They made a new plan, Stan.

I'm tired. I don't feel like exercising. But I do feel like eating now and that is an improvement!

Till next time...

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