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2021-11-27 - 3:16 p.m.

I got interrupted last time I tried to write. I could get interrupted again today but we shall see.

I'm doing well today. I was off Wed & Thurs for Thanksgiving and I worked Friday so when I woke up this morning I was thinking it was Monday. Then I realized it was not Monday, but for some reason I thought it was Sunday. Then, with great happiness I realized it was only Saturday and I have a whole weekend in front of me! It's not like I am having to dig ditches or anything. Some days my job is almost like being on vacation, but I still love a nice weekend with no demands and no schedule.

I'm feeling good energy today, probably because I had pure protein for breakfast. It's amazing what a difference some good ole animal protein can do for the energy levels.

I am about to beat this plot twist that popped up in my life. I have the cansuh, but I do believe it is gone or very close to gone right now. I have one more chemo to go just to get any rogue cells that may be hiding and then I will have PET scans to make sure nothing lights up. My doctor feels certain I will beat this, but the problem with the type I have is recurrence rates are high. I am praying for no recurrence, EVAAAARRRR, but I'm sure everybody in my position hopes for that. I've always been a pretty lucky duck, so we shall see. I hope to never have to fight cancer again. My dad is a 12 or 13 year survivor. He is considered cured. I am just like him, so hopefully I am a survivor like him.

I expect to have a really good 2022.

I can tell my energy is coming back up because I have cooked a little lately and I have been cleaning windows and things. Cancer treatment wears you out like nothing else. The exhaustion is truly amazing, and not in a good way. There have been days when I couldn't hold my phone and look at it. Can't answer the door.... couldn't fight off Norman Bates if he came a-calling. Seriously, I have to be nice because I can't fight. haha

Luckily, everyone in my family has to be nice because I got the cansuh. My family has been soooooo supportive and good to me. I don't know how people make it through this without good family support.

Know this though: Cancer treatment is not a ride in the park, but it is not the horror show that I always thought it would be. You're not sick all the time. It isn't torture. I get my chemo and I feel just fine on chemo day. They give powerful anti-nausea meds before the chemo drugs and those meds carry you for a couple of days. No nausea. I feel great the second day after chemo, and then on day 3 and 4, I feel like refried shit. Mostly because of the absolute utter exhaustion. But I also have what I call "pain sparkles". I just hurt for a couple days, here and there. Nothing unbearable, but it ain't fun. I now know that I can take my beloved friend Oxycodone and it will stop my neuropathy and most of the pain. I used to think Oxy made me barf, but alas, it doesn't. I responded really well to treatment, had a major surgery and am now hollow inside, and didn't have a single moment of pain after surgery I might add. I'm down to the last chemo, which will happen next week, and then I will try to regain some lost muscle, little by little. I say all this in hopes that if anyone who reads this ever gets diagnosed with the big C, they will know it is not a horror show, and it's worth being treated for sure.

I had to make my medical benefit selections this past week and I bought the big premium option that covers so much and has low co-pays. I will be getting scans and frequent check ups for the next 5 years so I'm in the good insurance now. I've always wanted the good insurance but didn't want to pay for it. It doesn't hurt as much to pay those premiums when you know for sure you're going to use it.

My boss is wonderful. My employer has been so very supportive and accommodating during this whole thing. I'm keeping up with my work though there have been many days when I sure didn't feel like working.

I need a snack.

Till next time...

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