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2018-09-07 - 12:15 a.m.

This past weekend I went to a cool bookstore in town. It looks like a small shop front, but when you get inside it is really quite long and vast and it is like a labyrinth of bookshelves. I love it. I crawled that place and explored all kinds of twisty turns in aisles that are almost too narrow to navigate and the shelves go so high there is no way to get to the books on the higher shelves without a ladder.

I finally found my section...the Astrology section. I collect Astrology books and I added 5 new ones to my collection from this store. I found one that gives the tendencies of people born with any sun sign plus any moon sign, together. I have a Libra sun and a Scorpio moon, which leads to some pretty intense tendencies. (All true of me). I was reading a bit that was particularly on point to my niece who was with me and right after I read it out, a guy who was nearby walked up close and said "Does it say you will meet an amazing stranger at the bookstore?"


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