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2018-08-31 - 12:00 p.m.

Thank God It's Friday!!!

This week has been overly busy. I have things to do even as I type this, but I need a break so here goes me, wasting the company dime once again. I need a vacation. I am having a much needed long weekend for Labor Day and I've got a long weekend coming in mid September for a family wedding, so I've got a couple of little breaks coming. I'm going to pick a full week of October to be off. I need some time to just enjoy life. September promises to be super busy. I've been assigned 2 really busy facilities.

I'm in the odd position of having a supervisor who has a fraction of the experience that I have in this field. I used to be the "Director" of my department for many years and I took a step down from that position because I wanted to no longer be in charge of everything. I wanted to have my one specialty thing that I did and let someone else pull their hair out and have nightmares trying to keep every single thing done in the department. I've been really happy with this decision, and I still am. I wouldn't go back to being the Director for love nor money. I make more money now than I did then, because I have time for a side hustle that is lucrative AF.

There is a slight downside - the annoyance of having to endure a "supervisor" who is kind of a green horn. This Junior achiever has discovered that she can ask me to do some of her work and she has been just running it in the ground for 5 or 6 weeks. It started when she took a week off and I did all her stuff while she was out. I was assigned to cover for her. When she came back, she asked me to do her stuff on the first Monday back because she had broken her wrist and needed a day or two to recover. That was weeks ago and she has been asking me day by day by day to cover her. That wrist has had time to heal twice by now. Her luck has just run out though, for today is the last day of August and in September, I will be officially too busy to pick up her slack.

I could have exposed her slacking ways to her boss... incidentally... during a call about something else entirely, but I didn't because I had an abnormally low work load and didn't wish to call attention to that glorious fact. The persistent work shirking from her didn't bug me too much until this week when I had to work on a facility I hate to work with that has very high volume. I felt like I had to hurry to get my work and her work done. I told her I didn't have time to do her work yesterday and she said I could use overtime.

::eye roll:: Gee thanks.

I declined, because I have a thing at my house on Wednesday nights so my evening was already spoken for but THANKS for the generous offer, you slacking slacker who slacks. Why don't YOU use YOUR evening to do YOUR OWN WORK?

Last day of August. Yes.

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