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2018-09-17 - 1:11 p.m.

I'm stressed out. I know that this too shall pass. Just from the movement of days across the calendar part of my stress will be gone in a week or two.

I have to drive a 10 hour round trip to go to a wedding I do not want to attend. I am obligated, therefore I will suck it up and go. But BLEH I DUN WANNA!!!

I have several other stressors:

1. I filed a tax extension this year so I could have more time and so I have to get it done in October and I don't know where my tax stuff is. Lost it in the move.
2. I have to get my license and car registration changed to my new state. Haven't done that yet.
3. I let my professional credentials lapse and I have to make up 2 year's worth of CEUs and reinstate my credentials in the next few months. Booooooo Hisssssss
4. In order to go to the wedding I don't want to go to I have to find a vet for my dogs, get their shots updated, find a kennel, and leave them in a strange place while I'm gone for a few days to this wedding I don't want to go to.
5. It is my turn at work to be hassled. I have a boss who enjoys hassling people. There are a lot of us so she focuses her wrath on us one at a time. It's my turn and she is making me fantasize about quitting.
6. I need to find a dentist here. I have a phobia of dentists. I'm not having any toothaches or anything, but I need to find a dentist and a doctor. It's time to get my lady parts checked also and I cannot express how much I hate that.

When it rains it pours.

I really hate handling the little details of life. I need a personal assistant to do all this crap for me.

Other than those things, everything is fucking peachy.

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