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2018-07-31 - 1:03 p.m.

Not feeling this work thing today. Lucky for me, the load is light so far. I should be doing my side job so that will be done when my student dumps a pile of work on me. I'm having to review his work and grade it. This is really someone else's job, but she fell a few days ago and broke her wrist and apparently that disables her ability to read and think somehow. So I got saddled with her work. She keeps coming up with reasons why I need to step in and do her stuff. A week here, 3 days there. My work load has become so easy that I dare not complain. I don't want anyone to notice how easy I've got it right now. It's about to turn ugly at any moment, because it is time for my annual review and the person who reviews me seems to be having some kind of life crisis. The last 2 people she reviewed have been calling me to say they think she has lost her mind a little because she is nit-picking to an insane degree and the "mistakes" she is finding don't affect the final payment at all. Mistakes that don't change the payment are not supposed to count on the reviews, but alas, the robot we have reviewing people likes to count everything and the big boss won't stop her. Ultimately, they find a way to pass the ones of us that they can't afford to lose. I mean, I am really good at what I do and most of the time when she points out something as a mistake, it is a judgement call that every coder must be allowed to make themselves. I fight back and I call the experts who wrote the manual we live by and they side with me. This is because I paid attention at all the many seminars I've been to and I learned from them how to do what I do. I use their guidelines and call them when I have questions. My boss and her boss each think they know more than the authorities in our field of work. If this yoinkydoink doesn't agree with me, her boss always takes her side, even when I prove she is wrong. So there's that.

In other news, I am experiencing climate bliss. I have moved from a place that is ungodly hot and humid. My ex-neighbors are sweating their balls off in 100+ temperatures and high humidity which makes the temperature feel oh so much worse. It is routinely 95 degrees or so in the middle of the night and wee hours. My new home is fantastic. Yesterday I started off at 9 am on the back porch, enjoying my coffee in 68 degree perfection. Later, it rained and cooled us down to 66 degrees. I love that so much. The sun came back out and it stayed very cool. This morning it was 68 again early and now it has warmed up to 77 degrees. It's a beautiful day. I haven't suffered from summer this year. It was much, much hotter in Texas 2 months ago when I moved here than it is here now. We are supposed to warm up to the 80s this week, but by the end of August, the temperature will be going down for the season. I could not be more pleased with this move.

I do have a problem going on though. My builder sold me a house with a porch that violates the set back laws and the city inspector has posted a second notice that my porch is illegal and has to go. I called to beg for mercy, but he was out of the office so I had to leave a detailed message. I put on my best Bugs Bunny in drag voice and played the "poor little me" routine on the message and begged him to please help me keep my porch. I told him the builder said he had applied for a variance, but maybe he really didn't, so if I can apply for it myself, I would like to do that and hopefully keep my porch. Let's hope he takes pity on a poor helpless maiden.

I also found out that my water bill was overdue and would be cut off on August 1 if I didn't pay by end of business today. This is very annoying since I filled out a paper and gave a voided check when I signed up for service at the beginning of June so they would do an auto draft for my payment. It's late because they dropped the ball and didn't sign me up for the auto pay even though I did my part to set it up. You cannot trust anyone to do anything right the first time ever. People just fail to do things right. What happened to excellence? What happened to good customer service? GET OFF MY LAWN!

I also paid my other bills that I have received to head off any unfortunate disconnections. Sure enough, my gas bill was also not auto drafted, though I signed up for auto draft. I *think* my electric is going to auto draft. It better. If it doesn't, I'll go cray cray and you'll hear about me on the news.

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