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2018-07-22 - 1:31 a.m.

My Aunt and Uncle are visiting this weekend. They are staying with my mom and dad. This Aunt is my mom's sister. They are very similar. I think my dog was freaking out a little because they are so much alike, he didn't know what the heck was going on. He was staring at them and looking from one to the other, back and forth for a long time. They are not twins, but they are very much alike.

I've had a nest with 3 baby birds up in the top part of my pergola that I've been watching for several days. Last night there was a pretty nasty storm and today there was no activity in the nest and my mom found a dead baby bird by the fence. I think that maybe the mama bird was trying to move the babies and dropped one. I'm sad that my babies are gone and may be dead. Maybe the other 2 lived. I hope so. They were Robins.

We went to Carrabba's for dinner and it was so fun to sit there with my family and just have a good time. I was so isolated for so long, I didn't even fully realize what I was missing. It is so great to be able to see my whole immediate family any time I want to. I'm much closer to Aunts, Uncles, and cousins who live in St. Louis Missouri and Garden City Kansas.

July 20 marked the second year my true love has been dead. A vision of him, a dream, or a visitation.. woke me up at 7:30 am, as he apparently likes to do. This time, I felt like he was sitting right next to me, waking me up. He said very clearly to me "Today is the day." I immediately knew what he was talking about, sat up, and said "Is it really?" Then I got up and checked my phone and sure enough, it was July 20, that dreaded day. I had not been anticipating the deathiversary, but when you lose someone very close, they are in your thoughts and dreams around the same time of year that you lost them. ::sigh::

I talked to him a little bit out loud. I told him next time we are on the planet together, he needs to get it right. He screwed it up and then died before making it right. That adds extra grief. When someone dies and leaves unfinished business, it sucks. It's hard to process.

But back to the good stuff... I'm very happy with my move. I only wonder why the hell I stayed in the ridiculously hot and humid places for so many years. I've always hated the climate down there. I believe this climate is the perfect one for me. We are in the hottest days of the year right now and it's... not that bad. low 90's and about 50% humidity feels like a lovely spring day compared to the hellish ridiculousness Kingwood,Texas is enduring right now. The heat index was 115 there today. My former neighbors are sweating their balls off. It is cool as a cucumber outside right now. I was just out there with the pups and it was almost chilly. I can't get over it. What a great move I've made. I'm hoping for a nice colorful autumn this year. Last year was spectacular. I was here, house hunting and the leaves were so vivid it almost didn't look real. I've got black walnuts in a grove of trees right behind my yard and I am hoping a good number of walnuts fall in my yard. I want to harvest a lot of them, but I might be sorry since they are very difficult to shell. I want them anyway. I may not want them next year after dealing with them this year.

Life is pretty good. Especially when you are with your tribe.

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