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2018-08-07 - 11:45 a.m.

I'm living the life. I'm happier than I've been in a long time. It has a lot to do with this beautiful new community I am living in and the wonderful climate here. I have always hated hot humid places. Why on earth did I spend so many years living in my exact least favorite climate??? I talk to people from where I used to live and they say they envy me for moving away to a place with more natural beauty and comfortable temperatures. They say they WISH they could do the same. Here's a newsflash: You can. You just have to decide you want it, make a plan, and follow your plan. You have one spin on this world as the human being you are. It goes by way too fast to live it in some horrible oven where you can't go outside and enjoy some nature.

I am also much happier having my loved ones around me. See, that is where a lot of people are stuck. They want to move, but their family members are a bunch of scared sticks in the mud who can't take a risk. So they stay where their people are. My mom fought this move tooth and nail. She slammed it every chance she got. She complained that she couldn't find a home nearly as nice as the one she was leaving. She suddenly started "loving" her house after bitching about it for the last 30 years. LOL

So now she is the happiest I've seen her in so many years. She has a permanent smile on her face. She hugs me over and over every time I see her and says that she is so grateful we all moved here. She loves the climate. Turns out, she was able to find a house SO much better than the one she left behind. My dad is happy. They have a pool now and they never have before. My mom always wanted one, Dad didn't want to fool with it, but fool with it he has, and now he knows how to maintain it and he's a happy guy. They found good doctors that they really like, everything is better, safer, and more convenient. The town they were living in had gone way down hill and had risen to the top of the crime statistics for the state. Thanks to their corrupt mayor...

My work load is very light right now. I'm just basking in the ease of it all. It's almost like not having a job but still getting the paycheck. I could get used to this. It's about to crank up a little, because I have 2 new assignments looming, but I think this week I can continue to coast. Ahhhhhh yesssss... life is good.

I fell way off the no sugar wagon and have been eating all the things. I need to stop it, but I have some Double Raspberry Dove bars in my freezer and I ask you.. what can I do? I also have some Ben & Jerry's "pint slices" in the flavor Cherry Garcia. Holy Lord, if you haven't tried those, get ye to a store. It tastes like a chocolate covered cherry enrobed in dark chocolate. So good. I'm eating those bad boys. One by one. There's no stopping this train. But I've stopped buying nutty bars. (Yes, I've sinned egregiously) I'm going to try not to replenish my ice cream. I need to start making my keto goodies that don't have added sugar. My mom was over here on the weekend trying to get me and my sister to pinky swear off the sugar this week. I was very half-hearted about it and she could tell. I did extend my pinky, but I didn't mean it. I knew I had dove bars and pint slices calling my name in the freezer even as we spoke. I'm not good at bluffing. It is apparent on my face if I'm not really buying in, or if I think someone is an ass clown. My ex-husband is moving here this month and I just know he is going to be able to read my thoughts as I think he is a total ass clown. Of course, I don't mind telling him directly that he is an ass clown. Some of my family members are worried that he will try to take advantage of them, but I am not worried at all, because I can tell him off with no feelings of awkwardness. haha. He will not be taking advantage of me. He's a guy who is not shy about asking for things. I warned him not to ask my sister to go house hunting for him because while she is very nice and hates to say no, she definitely does not want to go house looking for anyone. I didn't ask her to help me and she is my sister! So what do you think he did? He guilt-ed her into going house hunting. She went against her will. She is going to have to be able to look him in the eye and say "No." I told her that if he has gall enough to ask a favor he KNOWS she doesn't want to do, she should have gall enough to say no. No explanation is required when people get ridiculous with their requests. You don't need a reason to say no. He expected her to not want to do it. I happen to know from past experience with him that his philosophy is that if he takes advantage of you, it is YOUR FAULT for allowing it. He said that to me once and it changed the way I deal with him forevermore. He really should have kept a lid on that. hahaha

It sounds like I hate him. I really don't. I see him like a family member. An annoying, annoying family member. It drives him insane that I make a lot of money. He doesn't know exactly how much I make but he can see the error of his ways. He should have been nicer to me. LOL

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