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2017-11-16 - 8:39 p.m.

I haven't updated for 2 weeks. I've been busy having constant blood curdling crises.

Time flies when you are having oh so much fun. <-- Sarcasm

Below is a puppy saga and after that, more proof that I am scarily psychic. (Fo real doe)

So if you saw the last entry, you know my beloved dad nearly kicked it and scared me silly. I had a vacation pending (which I should totally know better than to even try to go on vacation)and the vacation was waffling on and off, according to minute by minute changes in the crisis. At one point, my kid, my sister, and myself were going to run amok in the Ozarks. We had a list of things to do for house looking and rental hunting. We were all happy with this plan, then my sister's biggest client pulled a bullshit maneuver and pressured her into cancelling. He is not her boss, he is just a client. She doesn't work for him, he buys from her. If he didn't provide thousands of dollars to her bank account every month, she would have told him to roll it up and cram it. But alas... she was out of the trip. So me and the kid, determined AF, went on the trip, 1 muskateer short. Our time flew by like warp speed and we decided to extend the trip an extra day so we could view some more houses on Saturday. Instead of that happening, I got an emergency call first thing Friday morning from my boarding kennel owner who informed me that my precious little fuzzpuppy, Jax, was vomiting blood and was listless. She asked me if I wanted her to take him to the vet. (um, yes please.) Thank God they noticed he had a problem and got him in there in time. He was on the verge of death. The vet couldn't even tell me that he was going to be able to save him. I got sick in the stomach right then and I still ain't feeling too great. Ees too much scary...

Jax had gastroenteritis and had dehydrated very quickly on Thursday night, then he started vomiting blood because he had a "compartmental shift" in which blood floods the digestive tract and starts coming out. They put him on IV fluids and ran tests to check his organs to make sure he didn't have organ damage and shut down. He almost died of dehydration. When he was stable and hydrated (and joy of joys he lived) I got to bring him home. It's been scary and there was a set back or two, but now he seems to be doing better. He scared me on Tuesday when he started throwing up every half hour or so. I gave him a medication they gave me to calm his stomach and it stopped. I haven't seen him drink much water, so I wanted to find a way to get him to take in fluids.

People, I am a genius. I looked online and found that when your dog has gastroenteritis, you can feed them bland foods like boiled chicken and rice. So I boiled some chicken and chopped it up tiny and put about 2 measuring teaspoons of chicken with a couple tablespoons of the broth (unsalted, unseasoned, no fat)into a bowl and he scarfed up every drop and held it down! So I'm giving him that little serving of chicken soup every couple of hours to make sure he stays hydrated. He is doing great.

So here is how we know I am a real live bonafide psychic: When I dropped off the boys at the kennel, the first thing Jax did was stick his little face in the dry water bowl and mop it around in there, looking for water. They fill the water dish after the boys are in their enclosure. So I said "Look, Jax is thirsty already". I felt like it was important to remind them to fill up that bowl. So after we left, I could not get the image of Jax looking for water out of my mind. He was on my mind nonstop and I kept talking about him. We stayed overnight in Hot Springs and set out the next day for Fayetteville, Arkansas. Just outside of Hot Springs, I stopped to call the kennel to make sure Jax had not spilled his water. I just could not get the thought out of my head that he was thirsty. I told the lady at the kennel to please not feel offended or think I don't trust them... I just have this repeating image and when that happens, it's usually not a coincidence. So I was thinking he might spill his water or something. I just thought it needed to be mentioned or I won't be able to get past it. So she promised to check on their water and make sure it was there. I felt better after talking to her, but I just kept thinking about my boys and Jax in particular. (I made the real estate agent look at pictures of Jax and this was before Jax was sick) After the near death experience, I was talking to the Kennel lady and said "Isn't that crazy that I called to irrationally ask you to make sure Jax could get water and then he almost died of dehydration?" She said "That is SO crazy. I cannot believe it." He had water the whole time, but he dehydrated from the gastroenteritis.

Yep. Definitely psychic.

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