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2017-12-13 - 6:02 p.m.

I think I am falling forward through time or something. It's going so fast I cannot keep up. I wish I could freeze time for a few days and just chill out until I'm ready for it to go again.

Busy as Hell.

Christmas is going to happen before I get a chance to shop, I think. I always have some sort of time crunch right before Christmas but I usually have some kind of plan in mind for who gets what. This year I have question marks floating over my head where there should be light bulbs. This year is a weird one. My Christmas list is getting ever shorter due to the Grim Reaper and divorces. Even with the short list, I find myself unprepared. I've got a few things here and there for this one or that. I just need to get down to business one night this week and order stuff from Amazon.

I'll tell you what I have bought plenty of lately... gifts for me. This is a Christmas season phenomenon for me. Every year when I try to buy gifts for other people, I see stuff I just gots to have. I think my first gift to me this year was an Echo Show. I love it! I am so good to me. I should't have... I had a delivery every day last week. I got some little Corelle bowls, 4 more Corelle stoneware mugs, a tata towel, (yes, that is correct)a Lebkuchen-Schmidt 2017 Christmas Chest fulla goodies from Germany, (Oh, the carbs) and a new car. I didn't order the new car. I really just went by the dealership where I bought my last 2 cars to see if it would make sense to trade up and apparently it did. I got a good deal, much better than last time, so I am actually paying $101 less per month for this new 2018 SUV. I got the same vehicle except 3 years newer. They threw in a maintenance contract for free and gap insurance, which I would not have bought, but it was free so ... ok. They gave me a good trade in and credited back the cost of the extended warranty, and gave me 9K worth of incentives on the new one. I feel good about the deal. It also saves me from having to get my vehicle inspected for the next 2 years, it was time for a service that I now don't have to pay for and I won't have to pay for any future ones for as long as this maintenance program lasts. I believe it goes 36 months.

I'm trying to house hunt in the Ozarks. I'm about to come to the conclusion that I need to have a house built. I need to sell my house so I am free to wheel and deal. It's daunting. So much to do and no time to do it. I took a long time off for Christmas and for some reason the formerly liked boss approved it. It makes me feel suspicious. I mean... why would this disagreeable woman just agree to my crazy request without a fight? At Christmas?? They've never been reasonable about people trying to take off at Christmas. We have been told we get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day OR we can have the 25th and 26th. We were told this by upper management people who all take off from Dec 23 through January 2, every year. This year, I will be off Christmas Eve through January 2.

My little fuzzbucket Jax has fully recovered from his near death experience. He is currently barking his ass off in the yard, probably driving our sensitive little neighbor man to a nervous breakdown. My next door neighbors have a new dog at their house. It's a ginormous black poodle. My dogs HATE this poor doggie. The poodle is a pretty nice dog. I go outside and the dog is friendly towards me. I wish I could reason with my 2 knuckleheads and get them to shut their kibble holes and let this dog just walk around quietly in the neighbor's yard. I don't think the dog is a permanent resident. I think the neighbors have a visiting family member who brought the dog.

Remember that time I cooked fresh ramen with shitake mushrooms and black garlic from Blue Apron? I'm doing that again tonight and it's about time...

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