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2017-10-30 - 11:44 p.m.

So life is happening faster than I can keep up with it. I wish I could stop the world for a length of time and catch up on stuff. It would be nice if I could stop all the problems and handle just one at a time. This onslaught of chaos all at once is for the birds. Every day I say to myself at least once "I have so much stuff to do and no time".

I planned a trip to the Ozarks to scout properties and have a bit of a fun trip. My one lil offspring and I were robbed of our vacation in August when Hurricane Harvey cancelled our flight and ruined my town. Instead of enjoying the majestic rocky mountains we were eating canned beans in the dark at my house, praying that we wouldn't flood. Joy of joys, my house did not flood and for that I am grateful. Fast forward to now - I attempted to plan a trip to the Ozarks right during peak leaf looking season and once I got that set up, I got this jarring phone call from my mom.... "Hey.... we're ok.... nobody is dying or anything... but let me tell you about something that happened." See? That cannot be good. So I'm bracing myself and she continues "Daddy hasn't been feeling too good for the last couple of days (what's wrong with dad?) and awhile ago he took his blood pressure (panic starts rising) and it was pretty normal (whew), but his heart rate was 175. (Whaaaaaaat???) It came back down but just now he went to get ready for bed and it shot back up. (This is where my head exploded) What do you think about that?" she sweetly asked..

I attempted to speak without screeching or scaring her too much... "Um... Dad needs to see a doctor right. this. minute. Go NOW to the ER. Do not take no for an answer. If he refuses, call an ambulance." She just turned and yelled his name and said "GET YOUR SHOES ON, WE'RE GOING TO THE ER." He knew the gig was up and just did what she said. She told me he wanted to just go to bed because he didn't want to sit in the ER for hours waiting. I told her when a 75 year old man comes to ER with his heart rate 175, he won't have to wait - even a minute. I told her she needs to be the one to drive. So as soon as they got there it was basically a code blue. They almost shocked him. They immediately put him on an IV drip to get the heart rate down. He was admitted to ICU. His heart rate went over 200 beats a minute. He was in V tach. This is how people get dead. My mom JUST lost her baby brother and is grieving deeply and this is not the time for dad to go tits up. Have I mentioned my dad is my hero? I must have him in my life. I am not done with him. So - trip CANCELLED.

Then my sister called me and said she thinks she just sold her house. An offer has been extended and she is accepting. As long as the financing goes through, she is going to have 30 days to GTFO. All of a sudden, she is 30 days from homeless and she needs to go to the Ozarks with me when I go so she can find a rental. I had already told my mom the trip was off. Then, dad took a turn for the better, YAY, and now the trip is semi back on. As long as the news continues to be good about dad, we will go and find my sister a roof and 4 walls. But if he takes a bad turn or has to have surgery, I am staying. Suffice it to say we have already discussed that there shall be no more ignoring cardiac symptoms.

Oy vey. These people need to stop scaring me. I'm hoping to have a little span of years where I don't lose a loved one or live in fear of something happening to my precious dad. It should be noted that I would be every iota as upset if it was my mom. I love her just as much. I have a special sensitivity about my dad because I almost lost him once and it did a number on me when I was a child. All my years after that I can't stand to see him leave. NEW TOPIC.


Aaaaaanyway. I sat down here to work. This was a crazy Monday and I didn't get all that much accomplished since I had these matters of life and death and house selling and trip planning and moving and contract reading and rental searching... so I have to get some shizz did before I sleep.

I so don't want to work right now.

::le sigh::

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