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2017-09-16 - 12:42 p.m.

I managed to get out of town on a trip. I let everyone go shopping without me. I'm sitting in an amazing Victorian mansion right now, by myself. It's very fabulous. This place is just dripping with lace and details and do-dads. It's very interesting with the history and all, but I wouldn't want to live here full time. For some reason, this place makes me feel a feeling of hard times. I think I'm picking up an empathic drift from someone who lived here before or maybe even the current owners. I can sometimes pick up other people's feelings or a feeling in a place. I know this is not my own feeling. ha. I know that sounds nutty. Let me shut up about it.

When you stay here, you have to report for breakfast at 9 am. They tell you not to be late. The breakfast is served in courses and today was not like the breakfast they normally do. The owners are out of town today so tomorrow we will get the full display. Today we had 4 courses and none of them were diabetic friendly. It tasted good, but I'm not supposed to eat like that. We had a sweet lemon poppy seed muffin first, then kolaches, and then a walnut pancake. with sweet juice. Every course a no-no. When I get home, I'll be doing damage control. We had German food last night which I love any day, any time.

I didn't want to get ready when it was time to get ready today so I did something uncharacteristic and let them go without me. There is something delicious about having this whole mansion to myself. There is a house manager on the place, but she's downstairs hidden away. I had a hard time getting the wifi to work. I found their router and reset it and now it is fine. Go me.

I think I'll peruse facebook for a bit and then get ready and go find my tribe. They are going to be sorry after they walk around for 6 hours. Meanwhile, I will be all rested up. haha. We are all going to a spa this evening. I need a spa treatment. I need to eat some protein right now. I could use some eggs.

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