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2017-09-18 - 11:09 a.m.

Home Sweet Home. Why do I even bother going any place else? I'm so happy when I get back to my own wonderful home. I had fun on my trip, but when I get home from any trip, I am just soooooo happy to be back in the comfort of my own things. I really know how to make a comfy home. It is my super power.

I slept so good in my comfy bed, I got up and had my eggs and bacon. No carbs, just like God intended. I did have some internet problems today already, but I think it was just the cable people burying the cable they ran last week. My line had to be replaced. It's working now.

I have to go get my boys from doggy jail. They are going to be out of their minds with happiness when I show up. They had kennel stays only 2 weeks apart so the second time, they didn't even act up very much. I was shocked. My older dog usually has a yelling fit when I try to leave. This time, he didn't even bark until right before I left. I have missed them.

I have lots to do today since it is Monday. I'm supposed to cover for some facility I've never done before starting tomorrow and I have no access to their applications, so yippee. This oughta be fun.

My uncle who tried to die before our trip, doubled down on his efforts the day we were coming home. We got an emergency call that he had taken a turn for the worse and was on life support. As per usual, this was not correct info. He went on a ventilator because his sats fell to 67. It's a thing that happens to COPD patients. They are expecting him to pull through.

My family had a good time together in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I'm glad we all were able to make it.

I need to get some work did.

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