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2017-09-12 - 1:43 p.m.

My friends in Florida lived, but they now own Ocean front property. Woohoo!

I am trying to get my work done but my internet keeps dropping. This is very frustrating. If it fails me and I lose this entry, I'm gonna be pissed. Naturally, the ISP can't send a tech for 2 more days.

I recently had my vacation snatched away by Hurricane Harvey and now I had a little weekend trip to look forward to, but it is in danger, because my uncle is trying to die. It seems like a calamity happens every time I try to leave town. This trend has grown to epic proportions. Death, food poisoning, near death experiences of loved ones, and hurricanes have conspired to keep me from going on trips. What is this crap? Seriously, it's almost comical at this point.

My uncle is a beloved guy that I wish could have a miracle and live some more years in good health, but he was a smoker. An insistent, chronic smoke stack, who kept at it steadfastly despite the genetic evidence that my family can't smoke without terrible consequences. And after many years of working towards this apparently worthy goal, he is chronically dying. He watched (we all did) as his father slowly suffocated for all of my growing up years and finally died when I was 26. That demonstration of the evils of smoking was enough for me to think "I believe I shan't be smoking. It appears to be a bad idea for my kind." But many of my family members just didn't let that whole COPD thing get them down. They kept on puffing. Now my uncle's daughter is creating a nice tragic future for her 2 kids. They wilit l be agonizing as they watch her go down the same ridiculous trail of misery. She knows better. She chooses the path of woe. When you have a chronic death scene in your family, it gets to the point where you are less terrified about the death of your loved one because you start realizing there are probably many more rounds to go. Don't get me wrong. My uncle is in the hospital at this moment and "This might be it." as they say... however, he might go on another 10 or 15 years like this. Eventually you just hope the timing doesn't wreck your vacation. So right now, we have reservations to stay at an awesome Victorian B&B which we have rented for just my family members who are going and it is a surprise for my niece. We are hoping our uncle doesn't die this week and stop the birthday celebration. ::sigh:: I kind of feel like he will be OK, but you know... just when you are not expecting it... expect it. I don't want my niece to be disappointed and I don't want to miss another fun trip.

I am still grateful that my house didn't flood and I didn't get dead during the hurricane. I saw some drone footage of my town and the closest highway to my property looks like a lake. I am so lucky the water didn't reach my house! The businesses and restaurants had water almost up to their roofs! I hope they can get back up and running soon. We just got a Dimassi's buffet too. I hope they don't just give up and stay gone. We have a new Costco too that I don't want to lose. They should be ok. They are a warehouse, so the floors are going to be fine and I think the walls are concrete or something. Yikes, I hope everything is in place before Christmas shopping time!

I am so done with coastal living. So. Done.

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