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2017-09-09 - 2:05 p.m.

So a royal hacking has occurred. 143 million people's vital info has been compromised. If you haven't already done so, you should call the 3 big credit bureaus and put a security freeze on your credit file. That way, no one can open credit in your name. Not even YOU, if you don't have your pin number to lift the freeze. Here are the numbers to call for an automated security freeze process. It's quick and easy:

Equifax: 866-349-5191

Experian: 888-397-3742

Transunion: 888-909-8872

I did NOT want to do this. Now that there is a freeze on my ID, I can't open any new accounts in my own name even without going through a process of lifting the freeze which may take a few days. I'm going to be selling and buying real estate within the next 12 months, I believe, but I just thought it was best to go on and do this, since 3 out of 5 people are now compromised by identity thieves who hacked it so they can use your bank account to fund their lives. ::le sigh:: It would be a much bigger hassle to recreate my good name if some thief had my social security number, address, date of birth, etc.

It occurs to me that one does not need the services of Lifelock as long as there is a security freeze on your name. I carried Lifelock for a long time, and it costs 10 bucks a month. The security freeze costs $30 in Texas ($10 per credit bureau) and lasts forever till I have it removed. You have to pay again to have it removed, but you can have it lifted for a period of time and do any transactions you want to do before it re-freezes.

Protect yourselves.

I also have been trying to protect my Florida friends by trying to get them to leave their home in Tampa and get gone before Irma takes em out. The entire state of Florida needs to get the hell out of dodge. They seem to not be taking it very seriously.

Let me tell you something about the hurricane I just lived through. Harvey was never going to be a big wind damage storm here. It was just going to rain and rain and rain, causing flooding. Well, on the face of it, that sounds bad enough for property damage and all, but the true horror is that the area reservoirs and rivers will swell to the point that they are dangerous. Many homes in Houston were not flooded until the powers that be started letting water out of the reservoirs to prevent dams and levees from breaking. We were hearing rumors and truths of area levees becoming compromised and I was a bit worried that the one closest to my house would break and then I would have water filling my house faster than I could get away. It's pretty scary when you don't know if you are going to walk out of your house or swim out. Or worse... float out. Harvey was nothing compared to Irma. Irma has the rain/flooding thing, but it is also an extremely aggressive wind damage storm. It's wiping buildings off the map and it is projected to increase in wind speed before bearing down on Miami. The entire state of Florida will be within the perimeters of the storm cell itself. This ain't going to be "too much rain" like Harvey. It's wiping buildings completely off the face of the earth.

I went to FB to check on these apparently dim witted friends of mine and forgot to come back and post this up. Now it's tomorrow and I just read an article that says Tampa is now expected to be the main target of Irma. That is where my friends live. Millions of people have been ordered to evacuate. Why would people choose to stick around when the storm is projected to be devastating unlike anything the state has ever seen? I just don't get it.

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