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2017-08-15 - 5:35 p.m.

I have to go on site this Thursday at one of my facilities to train a new employee. I don't want to. Big surprise, huh? The hermit doesn't want to go anyplace. I heard a disturbing bit of news from my main facility that the formerly liked boss is pushing for them to hire another person like me to do their work remotely like I do. I don't know if this means she wants to give me a new assignment or if she is hatching a plot to replace me with this other person. I *think* I'm being paranoid, because they have been trying to hire someone for this facility and I am just an interim person there. The only thing that is out of the ordinary is that it is a remote person. But... she would only be responsible for that one place and it would be permanent. So they would still need me and this really shouldn't affect me at all. I guess I'm not in danger, but my spidey senses went up. I can find other remote jobs, but I prefer the demon I know to the one I don't. I have 7 years of employment history there. I certainly hope I don't get ousted from my cushy job. You may or may not know, but I'm kind of into astrology in a pretty major way and the eclipse on Aug 21st could bring big career changes. I don't want any career changes right now, except winning the lottery and not needing a career anymore. That would be a welcome change.

I feel a certain level of stress regarding my vacation that's coming up. I will enjoy every minute of my vacation, but I don't enjoy the hassle of airports and travel arrangements. I still have to get my shuttle tickets to get me from the airport to my destination which is like 2 hours away from there. It's expensive and I feel robbed, but it's way cheaper than renting a car for a week. Time is flying by so fast. I will be on my way in no time.

I got a Rubik's cube and my big plan is to learn to solve it quickly, mostly to confound my nephew. I solved it one time and now I can't solve it again to save my life! I'm using algorithms and errthang. I'm going to get it. It's gonna happen. Then I'll be all nonchalant and leave it out at the next family gathering. Let him pick it up and mess with it and not be able to solve it. Then I'll pick it up and slap it around for like 1.5 minutes and lay it down solved and then walk off like I don't see his jaw laying on the floor.

Gotta make sure my dogs have all their shots so they can stay at the kennel. Details of life, man.

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