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2017-08-25 - 10:08 a.m.

I am full of anxiety right now. I am flying out tomorrow for my much anticipated vacation, but my house is in Hurricane Harvey territory. It is not supposed to make landfall right here. It's more like a couple hundred miles from here. last I heard, but we are expected to take up to 30 inches of rain. It is supposed to be really nothing more than extreme rain and flooding. My house has never flooded before and I pray to God it doesn't this time. Pray for me, praying people. I don't want to come back to a flooded house. There is no one here to prevent disaster or empty out my fridge if there is a power outage. My parents could make the trip, but I don't want them driving into a hurricane and risking drowning in their car if the water situation gets bad. Remember when I couldn't get to Costco for like a week or two due to closed roads and flooding? ::sigh::

I'm hoping it turns south and misses us entirely. It's already raining though.

I ordered 2 blouses and a maxi dress from Zulily FOR VACATION. They were in stock. I made sure of that before I ordered. I placed this order at least 2 weeks ago. It should have been here a week ago. Today I received a message from them with the fantastic news that my items shipped. Spectacular. I think I'm about done with them. I called and asked if they could hold the packages. Just put out the word with their delivery people, UPS, US Mail, whatever... to not leave the package. That is apparently an impossibility. Since the shipping just occurred, the rep could not see whether it's US mail or UPS delivering. The good news is their delivery is painfully, ridiculously slow, so I will likely be home before the package gets here. Yay for incredibly slow service.

Yesterday I had to take Jax to the vet for some shots and while I was out I had to gas up my car. I was going on fumes. The gas stations were all packed to capacity with every pump either bagged or occupied. So I waited in line to get gasoline and when I got up there, none of the pumps were working. They were all running out. I had to go to another station and wait in line again. Those pumps were working, thank goodness. People are cray cray. The stores look like we're expecting Armageddon. People on the local chat forum are saying it's just going to be rain. I hope they are right. I'm worried about a power outage, because if that happens I could come home to a stinky ruined refrigerator. The likelihood of that is pretty high. We often lose power when it rains a lot. I'm going to freeze a small container of water and put a quarter on top so if it melts and the quarter is below the top when I come home, I'll know I have to ditch everything. ::more sigh::

During Hurricane Ike, I had evacuated to my mom's house and I lived in an apartment at the time, so the maintenance guys went in and emptied out my fridge. That was awesome. I don't have that luxury this time. Incidentally, after Hurricane Ike, my power was out for over a week and I had to live at my workplace which at the time was a hospital and it sucked, so, so bad. My boss at the time insisted that I come back from the safety of my mom's house to suffer with them at the hospital, even though the power was out in my office and no work could be done. Gas stations, stores, and restaurants were closed because of damage and no power. I mean, everything was down for several days. The boss just kept calling me and telling me to get there. I refused until the news said it was safe. Then I insisted that they let me stay in the sleep study room because I wasn't going to be camping at my dark apartment with no AC. He promised me the sleep study room and then I had to evict a doctor who was convinced the room was his. He liked to stay in the sleep study room instead of the doctor's sleeping room. I just told him he was going to have to get out and he did. He was unhappy about it and he came to me the next day and said "Young lady, I want you to know I got zero minutes of sleep and it was all because of you". I said "I am sorry to hear that. Lucky for you, you'll be in your comfortable house tonight and I will still be stuck with the sleep study room until my power comes back on at home." He went away not too happy with me, but every time I saw him after that he went out of his way to be nice to me.

Anyways... I had to vent. Now I have to get things done because all my work has to be turned in by end of business today plus I have to take my pups to the boarding kennel and maybe go to the bank for my travel cash. I need to go to the store for some snacks but I don't know if I will do that. There's crazy people fighting over pop tarts in there.

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