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2017-08-08 - 7:17 p.m.

I got a new toy for my pups. Before I got my younger dog, Dexter and I had a new toy ritual. I would noisily grab the shopping bag that the toy was in and squeak the toy without showing him what it was. At this point, he was completely tweaked and ready to rumble. I'd squeak the toy some more and throw it and Dexter would chase after it, pounce with the fierceness, and then smell it all up before viciously bringing the pain.

Incidentally, dog toys have squeakers because our furry little bundles of joy just love to hear the pitiful screams of their victims. Ain't nothin' nice about the animal kingdom.

So this new toy experience had big fat bull moose Jax all up in the mix, over-powering and frolicking all over Dexter's good time. I was wishing I had gotten 2 toys so they could each have one. Although I'm pretty sure Jax would have then monopolized both toys simultaneously. Dexter was excited about the new toy, but he is just no match for Jax. He gave up pretty quickly. But Jax just stayed with that toy. He played with it non-stop until he passed out with is head on it. He reeeeally likes the new toy. He does deserve a toy, because he is the little brother so all his toys are hand me downs, pretty much. Dexter doesn't play like he used to, because he's a bit of an old man now so I figured one toy would do. Not so much, it turns out.

I'm going to get Dexter a new toy next time I go out and I won't bring it out until Jax is playing outside.

I think I'm going to suspend my Blue Apron account and go on an egg fast after my vacation. I'm sure I'll come back from vacation a little fatter and just as sassy.

I'm on the downhill slide to the holidays. I've got 3 family birthdays this month and will go out of town for the family shindig. Then I've got a weekend trip for my niece's sweet 16 party which will be fun. I can't wait. I've got an evil plan to launch. A prank. I'll tell it after it happens since the kid is always on the net and she is smart. She might know about this blog. I doubt it... I certainly hope not.. but I have to keep the secret till after. I'm a good Aunt. It's one of my super powers. Two weeks after her bday is my bday, for which I'll probably make the trek to see my family so I won't have a sad miserable solitary birthday celebration for one. I like to be with my peeps for my birthday. One month later we will skid into November which contains my kid's birthday, my dad's birthday, and Thanksgiving. We celebrate 3 turkeys in November. Then Christmas. So basically it is a gift-o-rama from now till Christmas. I have a couple of gifts already, but I need to get shopping in earnest. I'm pretty sure I will be lamenting in December about how Christmas snuck up on me again - as if I didn't see it coming way back on August 8th. There will also be - I hope - the family tradition in October that we call Oktoberfeast. My dad, while wearing his lederhosen T shirt and his volksmarching hat cooks a magnificent German meal of Sauerbraten, red cabbage, potato dumplings, and apfel strudel. There is no finer meal to be had anywhere at any time. It is the unanimous family favorite meal of the year. Around Thanksgiving Dad makes a big homemade stollen which is a German bread with candied fruit and nuts in it, loaded with butter and powdered sugar. It's so good. I used to keep a key to my parents house for the purpose of stealing stollen when they were not home. My motto: The best stollen is stolen stollen.


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