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2017-07-26 - 2:50 p.m.

I work with a doctor who is an eloquent (i.e. wordy) kind of guy and he thinks he can talk his way out of anything. He can get over on the department manager, but he has met his match in me. He keeps having her arrange conference calls with me so he can try to weave his magical word spell on me and discover new and exciting ways to say a paragraph and have it code out the way he would like it to be. Then I slap him in the face with the cold halibut of fact. He's very jovial and I've already psychoanalyzed him so I have compassion for his need to wow others with his fancy verbal footwork.

I don't mind these frequent chats we've been having. I bet he makes mad points at Scrabble.

I coded one of the most tragic cases today. A young woman, late term pregnant was the passenger on a motorcycle (WTF was she doing on a motorcycle???) and there was a crash. She lost a leg on the scene, had numerous broken bones, and had to have an emergency C section. Her baby died and so did her boyfriend. He was driving. (WTF was he thinking riding his gf and unborn child on the back of a motorcycle???) So this poor girl lost her baby, her life partner, and her leg in one fell swoop. Really tragic. Such an awful lot to lose at one time.

I'm thankful for every blessing I have, for days without tragedy and for the free water my lawn is getting at this very moment. It just started raining.

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