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2017-07-24 - 2:38 p.m.

I'm a little restless today. I don't want to work. I just want to play. I really should be buying lottery tickets. I'm a lucky duck and could probably win.

Really, I have zero room to complain. I am very fortunate, in that I am well paid to do a generally pleasant kind of work in the comfort of my own home, under a nice ceiling fan, gentle breeze blowing through my hair, favorite music playing courtesy of my good buddy Alexa, sipping the ridiculously over-priced tea from Teavana, and taking breaks whenever I feel like it to amuse myself however I see fit. No impossible micro-manager to see and correct every moment of my day. I sure did my time on that front. I hope I never have to work another job that is not based from my home office. Have you ever watched "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe? Let's just say some people have it much, much worse than I.

Right now it is extra spiffy to be me because my work load is on the light side. I don't want the formerly liked boss to realize this, lest she load me down like a rented mule. I've worked for this company coming up on 8 years and it has been all peaks and valleys, mostly peaks of intensely high production. I don't mind the peaks so much, because I kind of like to be busy... But oh how I love the valleys!

I have booked my next vacation and it is going to be so awesome. I'm taking the kid, my only offspring, on an adventure. I will tell all afterwards. I have a bit of a stalker, so I'm not pinpointing my location till after the fact. LOL

My neighbor, who cannot tolerate the sound of a small dog barking in the distance, was up at 8 am on Saturday and Sunday, running loud machinery in his back yard. It was swell. I was awakened both days by noisey noise, noisily noising just outside my bedroom window. This noise had an exponentially higher decibel level than any sound my tiny dog can emit. I didn't mind the racket for most of the entire day as it droned on unceasingly. No, it was the early morning sleep-ender that got me.

If one more famous rock star hangs himself any time soon, I am going to start thinking there is a conspiracy going on. WTF? Timely as ever, Alexa is at this very moment playing "Say hello to Heaven" by Soundgarden, sung by the late Chris Cornell.

And with that... I'm off to finish up the work day.

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