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2017-07-12 - 12:29 a.m.

I found an opulent palace in the Ozarks for a surprisingly affordable price. It is more than I can scratch up by myself, but it's something I could do with my sister, and we are including my folks. We could each pay a third, in cash, and have a compound. There's acreage, the house is huge and has 2 master suites, a mother in law apartment, a whole 'nother garage apartment, plus 2 other nice bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The lovely deck on this amazing house is 2100 sq ft and there's an outdoor fireplace on it. Like, a full size fireplace with a hearth and chimney. It's nuts. The kitchen is just... crazy good. The appliances are super high end. There are 2 Wolf Subzero refrigerators, a double oven, a sweet gas cook top, and the entire place has travertine flooring. Looks like marble. The showers are marble. There's granite counter tops throughout. There is a turret for the love of pete, and a round music room that is in the magnificent entry way. It is like a rotunda. It's not even a part of the turret. The builder must like round rooms. There is a 3 car garage and a separate parking area for more cars. There is a circle driveway, a full size flag pole in that semi circle of grass, there's a sprinkler system, central vac system, all the ceilings are very high, crown molding everywhere, extra insulation for keeping the utility costs down, it's over 5000 sq ft of living space. Beautiful inside and out. The upside is opulence and the down side is living with other people and not being the only decision maker any more. My folks are on their way to look at it and see if there's some hideous flaw that we haven't seen yet. Another upside would be that none of us would have a house payment anymore. We would sell our houses and pay cash. This would get me to the area where I want to live, cancel out my mortgage, and allow me to get started on the summer home dream a little sooner. Plus it gets my family out there too, so I don't have to be the only one who moved.

We have 3 houses and a lawsuit to settle before we can actually get up the money. My sister has a wrongful death suit going on and she is not free to sell anything or move until that thing is settled. So it seems unlikely that it can work out, but ya never know. I didn't really mean to buy this house when I accidentally did it. I've learned to be kind of zen about these things. I'm not entirely sure I want to live with everyone. I really like living by myself, but in trade for the straight up palatial opulence, it seems do-able. There are so many places to be... I don't think we would get in each other's way. If we do this, I will put my great big TV in my room and my work station, most likely, so I can have quietness and privacy when I work. Everyone will have their own areas and it's odd because we all know which rooms we want. It fits us very well. I'm "elegant" - good adjective for my taste. I like elegant things. There is a very elegant master bedroom with a ridiculously lavish bathroom and closet. Extra cedar closet too. My sister is quirky and there is a quirky bedroom that suits her. It's big and has interesting windows. It's like a whole apartment. There is a living room area, a bed area, and a desk/work space in the corner. And of course the bath and closet. My mom has already said she would like her and dad to have the mother in law apartment because it could be a sanctuary for them if they don't want to mingle with us savages. It is almost like this house is perfectly suited to all of us. This might just be something fun to think about but not something that comes to pass. However, there have been some weird things happening that make me wonder if the universe is trying to hand this estate to us. Example: My sister got a call out of nowhere from someone wanting to know if she would consider selling her house! If someone asks me if I will consider selling mine, I'm going to take it as a sign and just start packing.

Another upside - we will all share the cost of internet, cable, utilities, maintenance, repairs, and property taxes. So the living expenses will be cut 3 ways. I can basically bank my paychecks. I'll be able to save up a bundle in a short time and when I buy a summer home, I can go there if the togetherness is too much. I envision spending 5 or 6 months of the year at the summer place and the rest at my main home. Eventually. If I move into this magnificent estate, I may not want to leave it for summer.

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