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2017-07-19 - 4:20 p.m.

My folks went to see the mansion of opulence in person and it was even better than the pictures. It also has many insane amenities. Like, unnecessary, over the top crazy-town bells and whistles. One room, for example is a giant, room sized painting. It's not wall paper... it's not a mural... it's a painting of sky and clouds that was commissioned for 5K. There are light fixtures in there in the shape of things you would see in the sky. There are bugs, birds, and airplanes. The room is an art piece. It is located inside the turret. The whole place is dripping in elaborate crown molding and there is a 2 story tall window wall in the living room. The piano in the music room, a huge marble top table, and certain other pieces are staying with the home. It's just a whole 'nother level.

We have 3 houses to sell and a lawsuit to settle before we can plunk down our half a million. This may seem like a long shot, but everything I do is a long shot. I am undaunted. The owner is stuck like chuck. He does not want to come down any further, but his money is locked in that house until he finds a buyer. Right now, he is adamant about his price and terms and he is not trying to do a contingency. He has been trying to sell it for a long time. For years, off and on. The reason it hasn't sold is because it is in a smallish city in the Ozarks. The job market is somewhat depressed there, the real estate is way cheaper there than most places, so the few buyers in that area who have 600K to spend want something brand spanking new. That same house wouldn't last more than 6 minutes on the market in bigger real estate markets with more money flowing around. It would go like a bucket of chum during shark week.

It's kind of perfect for us and it might happen, unless he gets incredibly lucky and suddenly finds a buyer after searching for one for all this time. If that happens, I will figure that we are dodging some kind of a bullet. Such as living altogether like it's a commune. That might not be as fun as we've all imagined. I mean, having a few alphas under one roof might cause a wee bit of discord.

But I am chill AF. I know the market there pretty well and I've got my eye on a few other houses. We should be getting an update on my sister's lawsuit very soon and then we will know whether or not she is free to sell her property and go. I have some things to do here before selling my house. I don't want to pop off and sell my house before the others and leave myself the only homeless one. I'm planning to kind of remain calm and do the things I need to do before selling until I hear about the lawsuit. I have to do a little research to see if I can get the kind of price I want for my house.

I have a very sad anniversary coming up tomorrow. I can't believe it has been a year already.

On a happier note, my sister's streak of misery seems to be turning around. She has had something of an unrelenting crapfest in which just about everything that could go wrong went wrong. But here lately, she has received a few nice bits of great news... a windfall or two... some things are going her way... she has a new client that has boosted her income quite a bit. I like it. Life is a journey.

Fo sho.

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