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2017-07-05 - 6:21 p.m.

My relatives, who cancelled on us 15 times, finally showed up. A great time was had by all for a very brief time. My extended family had a July 4th BBQ at my uncles house, which is another couple hours farther than my mom's house (which is 5 hours from my house) and I had to work Monday. That would make an awful lot of driving for one weekend so I just saw everyone on Saturday and Sunday and then took my merry ass home. I spent the 4th with my 2 little furry side kicks and didn't grill a thing. I ate a lean cuisine from the microwave. It was festive enough.

On a side note, if the thugs in Chicago keep shooting everyone at the current rate, that city will eventually be empty. Thank goodness they have sensible gun laws. Of course all the criminals have guns, cause... criminals aren't all that beholden to laws and shit. I guess it would be much higher death rates if the law abiding citizens also had guns. Just more of the dead would be criminals. Hey.. that is not such a down side.

I jest... but I live in Texas where if you have the balls to pull out a gun to commit a crime, you might lose those balls or at least get them perforated, since we're all armed. A guy recently went in a convenience store and pulled a gun (he must not have been from here) and all (100%) of the customers standing around pulled guns and one guy shot the robber. Pay is good in Texas. It's a whole lot smarter to work for your money rather than get shot trying to rob someone.

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