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2017-03-04 - 3:22 p.m.

I'm working today. Surprise!! I don't mind it today, because I'm getting ridiculous, copious amounts of overtime dollars for this and as an added bonus - I get to catch up totally so my week starts off clean. I have already accomplished a whole lot and I'm in the mood for it today. I'm taking a break right now.

I guess I'm in a happy mood. It's so sad that I couldn't say it with certainty, right? I have a lot on my mind right now and I have numerous question marks floating over my head, indicating that I don't know what I should do about lots of things at this time. I thought when I grew up, I would know everything. Guess what? I don't.

So here's the latest thing: I constantly watch real estate markets in all the places where I may possibly go to live next. I've been watching a house listing that I like a lot for months. It's the cutest house that's for sale in the town where my family is that is also in my price range. It's very nice and pretty much on par with this house I own now. It has been languishing on the market for months and the price is dropping. I got curious, because it's such a nice house and it's surprising that it hasn't sold. So I called and found out that it is being foreclosed on. It will be a short sale if someone buys it before it goes to auction. The people still live in it and it looks like it's well cared for. I wonder how guilty I would feel for buying someone's house out from under them. Aaaaanyhoo... it's a done deal, they are losing their house unless they win the lottery very soon. So this realtor I'm talking to says the people only owe 193K for this house on a street of houses that are all between 250K - 300K. I could buy it and resell it and make a profit. I'm thinking of doing that.

The realtor says that when people hear it's a short sale they back off because it's a long drawn out process and can be kiboshed at the last minute if the bank decides to just auction it. But I have time, yo. I have plenty of time. The house flippers aren't buying it because they wait till auction and snap it up cheaper. I could buy it and make a cool 50K right quick, or move in it myself. It's a really lovely French country house with high ceilings and exposed brick inside and a very nice kitchen, gas fireplace, an office off the living room like I have here, and a big fenced yard for my pups. My parents live on the very next street. It sort of makes me feel like this house is trying to fall into my lap. It seems like it would be pretty perfect for me. It's a little scary thinking of buying another house before I sell this house, but I can afford to do it. I could even rent this house out and have additional income. Let someone else pay it off for me over time. I don't know if I want to be a landlord though.

I just lucked into this house that I have now. I was not even in the market for a house and I just went ahead and applied for the financing, not knowing if I would get the mortgage. It all worked out though. Some other people tried to buy it out from under me, but they were SOL. My deal was on a contingency because I needed to sell my old house first. The first deal on my old house fell through and I almost lost this one, but I didn't sweat it and I was prepared to let it go if that's how it went down, but I got a second buyer within the 30 day time limit and that time the sale went through. So on this foreclosure house, I guess maybe I'll make an offer and if it works out, good. If not, still good. I'm going to go see it next weekend. If the yard isn't too floody or there isn't some other kind of problem preventing me from wanting it, I just might do it.

I miss my family today and I've been feeling lately like I should go live near them. And here I've found a nice house riiiight there... it seems like I am being nudged in that direction.

My dogs are both getting fat. Especially Jax. He's a porker. I think it's the sweet potato and chicken treats. I've over-used the treats to get Jax to do what I want him to do. They work every time. He won't hardly come in the house unless I say "treat". Today I noticed that Dexter is also getting chunky. My boys need to go to the vet and get shots. It's that time again.

I'll save my other many dilemmas for other days. I need to get the rest of this work did before I get tired of being in the office.

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