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2017-02-23 - 10:00 a.m.

Happy Thursday. A day named after Thor...

Yesterday, my Echo suddenly couldn't play music. I mean, she was doing fine all day and then all of a sudden, I asked for a song and she couldn't pull it up. So I asked for a song she had just played and she couldn't do that either. I unplugged and rebooted her and she still couldn't play any music, but she could answer questions. I looked online and found that this is something that happens. People had written in what they did to solve it. I tested my Echo dot to see if it had the same problem and it did. That told me it was not likely to be a problem with the hardware. Both perfectly fine devices suddenly couldn't pull up any music. Today they are working fine. I guess they just needed a nap. I can relate.

My dogs are funny. There was a little skirmish around the food bowls today. Jax sometimes tries to eat both dishes of food simultaneously while trying to keep Dexter from getting near either bowl by growling and stomping at him. I put their dishes on two different sides of the kitchen island and this gives Jax a little logistical challenge to deal with. Meanwhile, Dexter requires a dishtowel to be under his bowl. He finds the sound of a bowl scooting on tile to be offensive and common. Princess Dexter must have things just a certain way in order to begin eating. I have to stand there and monitor the situation or Dexter won't get any due to Jax the Fatty menacing the food. They do trade bowls during the feeding because each of them is certain that the other's bowl is better. Dexter doesn't like the fact that there is no cloth under Jax's bowl, but he braves it to steal a few bites while Jax is pillaging his bowl. No shame in their game. They are greedy and not trying to hide it.

I feel pretty good today. It is full on spring, the back door is open, my workload is do-able, or almost do-able if I get after it pretty soon. I'm drinking my bulletproof coffee and the breeze is going through my hair. I'm still in my jammies and have already turned in a stack of work for each of my facilities. In the evening when I have emailed my last batch of work, I do a few more cases for each site so I can email in some work first thing the next day. This buys me time to lollygag around and get a nice slow start on the real work day. I'm an evil genius.

Random fact: You'd be surprised at how much it hurts to have your foot trampled by a 6 pound dog.

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