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2016-10-30 - 5:26 p.m.

I'm back from my vacation. I need another week of vacation to get over the trip and get ready for a week of paying the piper for daring to take my vacation. The boss that I thought was so reasonable and fair got in a snit about my vacation, even though I turned in my vacation dates nearly 2 months in advance. A good 6 weeks at least. She tried to say no, but my lodging was already paid for, so she agreed to let me take the 5 measly days I asked for, but it was against what she really wanted to do... even though I arranged my own coverage and all my responsibilities were covered, even though I worked ahead and did everything that would be due Mon and Tues. so it would be easier for my back up people... even though I completed my time card early and got it turned in so everything would be squared away and easy for everyone... she was still annoyed. So she laid a ridiculous "project" on me for this whole up coming week. I will not have the comforts of home this week. I will be onsite doing a job that is normally done remotely and that there is absolutely no reason for it to be done in person by me, onsite. This is a punishment for daring to vacation. In addition, on Thursday she ok'd for me to work 10 hours on Mon-Thurs and use PTO on Fridays through the end of the year to use up my PTO so I won't lose it. But I did it for last week and she treated it as if I pulled a no show on Friday. I already wrote about her saying I showed poor judgment (by following her suggestion)and she said we are going to go over it when I get back.

What she doesn't know is that I am about one thin frog hair from resigning and pursuing my other job full time with added side jobs. I don't prefer to do that at the moment, because of my 7 years of seniority and my full benefits, but if she gets too crazy and my job becomes a bad experience instead of a good one, I'll do just that. If she tries to make me work onsite permanently, I'm gone. I think she wants to fire the coder they have in there and she may be thinking she can put me in that position, but I'm not doing that. So we shall see what this week brings.

The boss going renegade asshole on me put a shadow over my vacation. Gave me stuff to dread and worry about for the whole trip. I'm not very happy with her right now.

In better news, we looked at some properties for sale, there are 3 great pieces of property all on the side of a mountain, right next door to each other with one directly across the street. One was the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. I would love to own that place!! There are 2 separate living spaces with their own entrances, multi-level decks, large porches, beautiful landscaping, and the view just can't be beat. I couldn't believe it when the owner said she was considering selling. None of these 3 places are on the market as of yet. The owners are all getting up in age and are wanting to downsize and move to a flatter piece of land. Two of them are waterfront properties and have boat slips.

We met up with a friend of mine who lives in the town we are thinking of moving to and we had a really great time laughing and visiting with her. She is a really fun person. You know how it is on vacation, it is hard to get around and do everything you think you are going to do. It was almost too hard to plan a get together with all the stuff we were trying to do in the surrounding towns, but we managed to have dinner together on Friday night and I was so glad we did and sorry we didn't have more days to do more stuff with her. She offered to show us around on Saturday, but that was our day to check out and we had such a long drive ahead, we had to just go. We still messed around too long and ended up not driving into my driveway until about 3 am.

I went and got my pups from doggie jail and they were out of their minds with glee. They ran circles in the house, and then figure 8s... they had to go run the yard and check all their pee spots. Jax had to put an extra severe hurtin' on his toys. Especially that damned rubber celery toy. He really showed that thing who's boss. I think Jax thought I had re-homed him and it was all over for this home life he has loved so well. He was so insanely happy to be home. Dexter knows the drill. He spends a week over there every year. This was Jax's first full week in Doggie Jail.
I love my Kennel Lady. I feel good about leaving them in her care.

It's good to be home. I had to stream The Walking Dead online because the vacation house only had basic cable. I was devastated along with everyone else. I'm looking forward to tonight's episode. I need to do some work for my side job. I took my laptop and kept them up to date while I was on vacation and my sister brought her stuff and cut some commercials while we were there. It was a bit of a working vacation.

I got my taxes done before the deadline and praise the Lord, didn't have to pay in!! Woot! I was sweating it, because I took on the side jobs in 2015 and worried that raising my 401K deductions might not keep me in the same tax bracket. But I'm all good. Now I've got to go see my tax guy and see if I need to purchase some additional IRAs or something to prevent getting a bad surprise for the next tax year. It's about to be November! Time flies!

The alcoholic who loves me is trying to get me on the phone again. This means he has landed a job. Every time he gets hired, he is proud of himself and he tries to call to tell me about it. Then he inevitably loses the job and he leaves me alone until he lands another one. I will chat with him if he is sober, and congratulate him on being hired, but I probably should not take any calls from him ever, because I know there is never going to be anything between us. I have told him this very clearly, but he does not give up. I feel sorry for him, but not sorry enough to ever ever everrrrr date him. He's a total wreck. It's tragic. He has no insight at all. He was very handsome and full of promise when he was younger. We dated back then. I had no idea he would become a hopeless alcoholic and completely derail his life. I thought he would always be a do-the-right-thing kind of guy.


I am cooking roast pork sandwiches on Bao with quick pickles and black garlic mayo for dinner tonight. I have to get rid of these wonderful Chinese steam buns so I can climb back on the low carb wagon. I sinned while on vacation.

I committed the sin of German bread... among others. I had half a dessert one night... I went to a fancy restaurant and had a wild mushroom lasagna with pine nuts in it and a wine reduction sauce on it. Holy Lord... it was good. We ate way too much rich food and too much bread.

Think of me tomorrow when I am uncomfortably working on site instead of in my happy home office. Woe is me...

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