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2016-10-31 - 8:49 a.m.

OK - This is rich. Today I was to begin my week of Hell paying for the crime of taking vacation. I dreaded it all damn week while I was supposed to be resting and relaxing and enjoying time off without thoughts of the main job.

This morning I got up an hour and a half earlier than normal so I would have time to shower, wash my hair, style it, do full make up, dress up, do my dog chores early, set the boys up for a day without me here to let them in and out, get the address of the site, put it in my GPS, and set out for a day outside my comfort zone. I decided to check my email just in case the boss was raising Hell about something or had sent me a note about something I needed to bring or something.

I found 2 emails from her in which she was explaining to me and everyone else involved that I'm not coming this week since she has discovered the site is a mess and they are not organized enough for me to go over there. THE REGULAR PERSON WHO IS SUPPOSED TO DO IT WILL DO IT. Confirming what I already knew to be the case - My onsite bullshit assignment was unnecessary from GO.

I am mad that she yanked my chain like this and let me dread a thing for a solid week (of my vacation) and then arbitrarily called it off. She didn't even call me to let me know this. So I am sitting here looking flipping fabulous when I should by all rights be looking like I just crawled out of bed!!! Full hair and makeup, yo. Not cool. But I am super glad I don't have to go there and I get to stay home all week!! I don't know whether to curse her or celebrate. I guess I'll go with celebrate.

I wonder if the whole thing was just a ruse to suck the joy out of my vacation. Make me believe I had this Hell week to endure when I got back.

Now wish me luck that she doesn't trip my trigger and make me go all berzerkers and quit my job or something. I hope she has had time to get over the fact that I took her suggestion and used PTO when she apparently didn't mean it when she offered it. To offer that and then treat me like I pulled a no show for work is bad enough, but if she writes me up for it, I'm gonna go cray cray. Maybe she's over it. Here's hoping.

It's Monday... vacay is over... ::le sigh::

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