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2016-09-21 - 4:02 p.m.

Wow! Here it is Wednesday again and I am just as happy and relieved this week as I was last week. I only have 3 more itty bitty tasks to do in the next 3 hours, so I can afford to mess around here for a little while. I can't believe I haven't updated in a whole week. I have not been as effective about handling my time and work load since I got the wind knocked out of me. It was 2 months ago as of yesterday. I had a couple of sad days, I guess because of that "anniversary". One day I will stop marking time in moments, days, dinners, and sleeps since my other half left the planet. One day I will suddenly realize he has been gone 5 years or 10 or 20. I think if I miraculously found someone to love, I would still have this hole in my heart from losing him. Irreplaceable.

On second thought, I'm probably just melancholy because of Brangelina.

Speaking of that... Angelina could not forgive her father for cheating with a co-star back in the day and leaving her mother. Then Angelina, in a fit of hypocrisy cheated with her married co-star and he left his wife for her. And now he has cheated on Angelina with a new co-star... oh Karma, what a long memory you have.

Three facts once again made crystal clear:

1. No matter how beautiful you are, you can be cheated on.

2. If he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you.

3. Karma is a bitch.


I'm so ready for Autumn, my favorite season. Yesterday was so ridiculously hot here. Today it is still too hot to enjoy being outside, but I detect a change. I can smell Autumn coming and I'm happy about it. I really love cool weather and we get so very little of it here. I really do need to move to a cooler climate.

Tonight I will be watching American Horror Story. The new season started last week and it was spookidy. I hear this is the last season. I don't understand why they are ending it. It's brilliant and it's an anthology, so there's no end to where it could go. Why does Saturday Night Live run for 40-something years and this show gets only 6 seasons? Explain me how Soap operas go on for-flippin-ever and a good show has to be cut off in its prime!

Hey, I'm sick of everything. Ya heard?

You know what I am really sick of? Seeing news stories about child rapists and animal abusers. I wish the pedophiles and animal abusers would just be magically sent to roast in Hell right now.

I must need a Snicker bar or something.

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