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2016-09-26 - 3:40 p.m.

Oh Happy Monday... my work load is so light today. One of my students passed her exam and I don't have to review her work anymore. WOOHOO!! I am left with just one new student for now and I don't know quite what to think of her so far. She has stepped in the poo one time and she is now skating on thin ice with me, but I am cautiously giving her another chance.

She defied some important instructions I gave her. I think she was trying to display a high degree of professional integrity and vast knowledge of my field of expertise by refusing to do something simple that I asked her to do, on the grounds that she felt it may be in violation of our own policies. (It was not)

When she didn't follow my instructions and effectively screwed the pooch on my first impression of her, I called her immediately to let her know that this task was not, in fact, any kind of violation of our policies. I told her (nicely) that ALL of our countless facilities follow this same procedure and she can go ahead and follow my instructions as given so as to not disrupt the work flow any further.

So she gushed forth about how she totally understood and would do just as I asked...and then she sneakily sent an email to the boss over all of us... and brought forth her "concerns"... behind my back. She pursued it all the way up the line and my boss had to consult with the legal department to get proof that our methods match the policies that govern us.

::not impressed::

So at this point she has been informed by everyone all the way up to legal that she needs to follow my instructions. Everything was cc'd to me, of course, so she knows I know she tried to go over my head. She should be worried. She is being ever so nice now.

I'm going to count all of the above as a colossal embarrassing misstep and give her a clean slate. I'm sure she doesn't realize that I can make or break her in this job. She doesn't have one slim clue about how to do the job that lies ahead and her only hope is to learn everything she can from me. I am a good trainer and I really help my students understand. And I give them advantages, second chances, and don't count every error. Because if I did, they'd never pass. The requirements are very rigid. I kind of have to want her to pass in order for her to make it. She has no idea how much she needs me.

But I am super forgiving and will totally help her right on through, as long as she doesn't become a serial pain. We shall see.

I got everything done by 2 pm today. I can always do a few more things in advance, but my deadlines are all met so I am coasting. Gotta love it.

Oh, another wonderful thing... my boss is on vacation this week!! That means the cat is away and this mouse can play. I like my boss and she is not a micro manager at all, but you know... when she is working, there is always the chance she will call me, or assign me something new, or otherwise disrupt my peaceful existence. But this week, I am in the clear, nothing will change, and I will have less work to do without my recently graduated student. I will be getting a new student in a couple of weeks and things will busy up again, but for now, it's the easy life for me!

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