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2016-09-14 - 3:16 p.m.

I love me some Wednesday. My work life is crazy on Monday and Tuesday and I am continuously jumping through my butt to get my stuff done and then Wednesday slows down and allows me the chance to catch up, or goof off... depending on the size of the wildfire I was trying to contain. Today I am almost done with what absolutely must be done, so I am in a good spot.

All I do is work and watch TV. Something is broken here and I think it might be me. ::le sigh:: Sometimes I feel like I am blissfully happy because I have created this life where I rarely have to leave my house and I don't have to put up with... anything, really. I can do pretty much as I please. I really value my personal freedom and not being hassled. But the other side of that coin is too much solitude and not enough life experiences. I don't know if I am squandering my life or living it up. I used to go all the time. I was rarely even at home. At one time, I worked several jobs, 7 days a week, and a lot of it was travel. I lived out of a suitcase for literally years, and at one time I spent 7 months living in a casino hotel. That was a hoot AND a holler. I ate at the big fabulous buffet every day and put it on my boss's tab. That was really a swell 7 months. I used to feel like I was wasting my life if I had 2 weeks of down time.

Now the pendulum has swung ALL the way in the opposite direction and I am the hermit extraordinaire. Like a ground hog, I rarely come out. I do go on vacation every year and I attend a good number of family events. But that is about it.

I will be getting out more due to the weather change. When it stops being 9 degrees hotter than Hell here, I will start going out and about a little more. I need to find my tribe. But I don't know if that exists.

It is time for me to get my nose back on the grindstone.

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