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2016-09-13 - 2:50 p.m.

One of my hospitals, I won't identify the location... is so full of people sick due to terrible lifestyle choices that it makes me wonder about the whole town. The name of the place sounds very Midwestern, apple pie, innocent, but so many of the patients are alcoholics, drug addicts, hep C havers, smokers, they are on their second liver, assault victims, and gun shot wounds left and right. Today I worked on the chart of a 58 year old woman who has damn near killed herself with cocaine. That is just plain embarrassing. She is failing her life mission. People should think about how janky their health care records are going to look when they are out in the world doing stupid things.

Who has 2 thumbs and is sick of working?

This chick right here!

I am thinking about ways to start some streams of passive income. I think my recent realization about my house gaining so much value lately has thrown a craving on me to find a way to let my money make money so I don't have to work all the time. This seems like a great goal. I'm just not entirely sure how to accomplish this. Let's see if I can figure it out. I bet I can.

The sun is very soon going to enter my astrological sign (Libra) and this means it's almost time for the high point of my year. My forecast for the next full year is really good, and then some. I have lucky Jupiter in my money house so I ought to be in high cotton as they say. It is predicted that I may be rather spendy. That sounds like fun times. I've been under Saturn's dreary influence for a long time. Years even. Saturn gives you the life lessons that you really don't want to learn or deal with. Saturn deals with death and rebirth. This makes total sense when I think about what I've been through lately.

My relationship with an insane genius was emotionally exhausting, not to mention painful and unfair. Chock full of WTF moments. And yet, I could not clear his spot in my life, I couldn't let it be over, I couldn't let him go or move on. Now he is dead and I would change that by any means possible if only I could. Even if it was only to suffer under his cruelty again and again... but I can't change this terrible fact and my only option is to accept it. I think it will be easier to move on from this final chapter, as dreadful as it is, than it ever would have been to get over him if he were on the planet. So... here I am, dealing with the death of my love, but the rebirth of my life without him. And it coincides conveniently with a time in my astrological forecast where I am seeing off Saturn, the planet of death and rebirth and moving on to good time Charlie, my old buddy Jupiter. Bring it, says I.

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