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2016-08-20 - 2:16 p.m.

Looky what I found!!


Thank you, my friend in Germany!!! I love these cute guys. I thought the package would be delivered to my door but when I read your entry asking if they arrived, I ended up going to the mail center in my neighborhood and it was delivered there. The little white bunny was a surprise! I wasn't expecting two. I'm amazed that you can just take some wool and turn it into cute animals. These are really adorable.

I had to use my phone to take the picture, so I stood a remote on there in place of a phone.

I showed these rabbits to my pups and they thought these were toys for them. I'm going to have to make sure they are kept safely up on a high place or there will be a bunny tragedy. Jax had a gleam in his eye. He just knows there is a squeaker in there somewhere.

It's raining again. I love it. We had a drought for about 2 months and now we've had a little rain each day for a whole week. My yard looks great.

Last night I got a phone call from one of my nieces. She is one of the daughters of my ex husband's sister. She told me that her mom had always talked about me positively and told fun stories about me over the years and she loves me and wants to get to know me better. That was sweet and completely out of the blue. I didn't know her mom was doing that and it makes me feel kind of bad that I haven't really kept in touch very well. I am friends with all the girls on Facebook, but their mom doesn't have Facebook. I should call her. The girls are planning to visit me, maybe in the spring. Their mother was always very sweet and very meek. She thought I was a wild woman, I'm sure. I guess she liked me. :-)

I don't know what I am going to do with the rest of my Saturday. I was going to be at my sister's doing a big family celebration for our August birthday people, but that has been moved to next weekend. I'm glad, because I had not shopped for any birthdays yet. It's like Christmas shopping, because sister, mom, and nephew all have birthdays within one week. Two of my sister's in-laws also have birthdays during the same week.

I need to plan my vacation and book the hotel. I need to find my big Goebel rabbit figurine. I need to do some work.

Sounds like a partay, huh?

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