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2016-08-19 - 1:49 p.m.

Thank the Sweet Lord above that it is Friday. I cannot wait to be done with today and this work week in general.

I really need a sabbatical. Like, 6 months in Italy or something. I want to eat, love, and pray! I've been entertaining thoughts... crazy thoughts. Thoughts that I will *not* do any time soon, because it is unwise to make major decisions after a big horrible life event. Apparently it is quite normal to consider liquidating your assets and leaving the country to live on a mountaintop in Peru after your one true love has died tragically. I guess it's a common thing to let a stranger wack your long flowing hair off. Par for the course to lose one's mind and make a bunch of mistakes at work on the first day back after the funeral. I dislike the predictability AND the drama.

Here's me... snapping out of it.

I just cannot wait for my vacation. I'm going to go spend a whole damn week in "not-here-ville". Can't wait. My dogs are not going to be all that jazzed since they will be chillin' in doggie jail for that week. Dexter was a grumpy old man on his last visit. He normally loves the lady that takes care of him, but he was pissed about the whole thing this time.

My nephew has been informed of his new living situation, which is also, ironically enough, "not-here-ville". Poor guy. He loves living here, but I really need my space right now, so it stands. I love him, but he needs to stay with his mom or live on his own. He said he understands that I need my space, so I guess all is well. He will be 21 next week and I am definitely not ready for all the crap that will come with that. He was looking forward to being able to buy alcohol, so I'm dodging a big struggle. It's really time for our little bird to spread his tiny wings and fly. We had a good run with me crushing his dreams, raining on his parade, and ruining his fun. Now I'm handing the Fun Ruiner torch to my sister.


I kill me.

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