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2016-07-19 - 5:24 p.m.

I'm sitting in the lobby of the veterinarian's office with Jax, who is a wiggly bundle of angst. He needs a couple of shots so I can leave him at the boarding place tomorrow. A necessary hassle. I thought I would be able to swing by and get a shot very quickly, but no. They were booked up, so they are "working him in", which means I have time to write an entry. Probably.

I have been listening to some Bonnie Raitt today and she sang me some songs about my life. She knows how I feel.

I had some crazy dreams that were a jumble of interesting images and action. That's a very regular occurrence for me. In no particular order, I dreamed that I was playing some video game that was something like Pokémon go but I was wearing a full body virtual reality space suit looking rig and it was going to enable me to meet up with my true love for a virtual meet up of sorts. So I was with him, virtually. And this is pretty accurate since my mind is always on him and he reads every word I write in here.

I also recently dreamed that I looked down at my feet and my ankles were massively swollen to the point I could barely see my feet. No bueno. This is in stark contrast to reality, since I've been a major carb nazi lately. I somehow got in possession of some bad things that diabetics should not ever eat and I gobbled it up like no tomorrow. I didn't want to admit that it was Lil Debbie Nutty Bars... but that's what we're dealing with here. They are cheap and terrible for me, but they are like catnip to me. I just love crispity, crunchedy, peanut buttery things. This travesty, of course, led to other sins over a span of a few weeks and I got entirely over-carbed and got to feeling the effects. Carbs are poison to my system. I know this, and yet I still sometimes allow myself to fall under their spell for a time. Each time, I am amazed at how much better I get within a few days of cutting the carbs back out. I get a noticeable boost in mental clarity after a few days off carbs. I have less aches and pains. I just feel better all over. So yay. I'm glad I got myself straightened out before my work trip.

Tomorrow I will sleep in... drop off my boys at the kennel, and hit the road at my leisure. There's no tight schedule.

I wish they would call us already. I'm hungry and I want to leave.

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