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2016-07-11 - 3:48 p.m.

Planning a road trip. Oh joy. This ain't no trip to Disneyland. This is a work trip. I have to teach stuff. (stuff they should already know but CLEARLY do not) I dun wanna... but I guess it will be good to see everybody. These are my wackadoodle people that I've had many crazy adventures with. Strangely enough, it's the owners, CEOs, and Financial execs who are the fun bunch. If you are a person who can make them money, they are fun as hell. I am an "add-value" employee, as it were. I kind of look forward to the reunion. It's good for me to get out in the world. I've been an atrocious hermit for far too long. I burrow deeper in the summer months because I don't like temperatures over 80. I also don't like to wear clothes in the summer time so that is one reason the nephew has to go. A girl gots to be free.

It's been hot as hell here lately and my grass is set on DIE. Is it ever going to rain again??? I would love a nice little sprinkle like once a day for 15 minutes. That would be awesome. I have a sprinkler system, but it froze and I'm too lame to get it fixed apparently. I have to track someone down who does that sort of work. I should have asked the handy man when he was here.

I've got to kennel the boys and get someone to cover my other job. It's the little details that are a pain in the ass.

My new assignment keeps me busy as hell but I am liking it a lot so far. It seems to go faster and easier. There's so much though.

I'm getting so sick of Facebook. It's great for keeping up with family and friends but I am oh so sick of stupid ass people always protesting everything... color of the day whose lives matter... infuriating bullshit that idiot people are voting for... Martha Stewart went to prison for FAR LESS... ok .. not going there. And she wants to be the P... fuggettaboutit. I just can't.

Sick of people defending their tattoos. Have a tattoo, ok? Go get a few more. You look like the funny paper already, but go for it, prison bitch. Go for it. Don't get a tattoo to seem more badass. Actual badasses don't need to advertise it. Hense, you lose again.

But I digress.

I'm not really mad, though I am really sick of the ranting and arguing about what color of lives matter. I'm also disheartened that a career criminal with a history of being fired for being too slimy of a liar, has had judgements against her for all manner of fraud, has paid fines that are researchable, who has lied under oath, who did exponentially worse things than Martha Stewart or Edward Snowden and yet while she did time and he had to go into hiding, Hills is running for president and likely will win. WTF? No one has noticed the emperor is buck-fucking-naked.

Ok. Quite possibly I am somewhat peeved afterall. haha

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