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2016-07-08 - 9:36 p.m.

I got a phone call from the big cheese at my side job. She said "Congratulations! You won the prize!" I said "What prize?" and she said "All expense paid trip to Dallas." She cracked up while she was trying to say it. Because, eh.. that ain't no prize. She wants me to come out there ASAP so I can teach the marketers what to look for and the clinicians what to document. She is in a panic, because they have just recently started to understand what I've been warning them about for months on end and now they have 6 weeks or so to suddenly be compliant with the new requirements. She told me she was sweating bullets and she ended up just begging me to come out this week! She knows I can't just cut bait and run with no notice, and I talked her down off the ledge enough to buy myself another week so I have time to arrange coverage for my other many responsibilities and get my dogs kenneled. She offered to babysit my dogs. This is a desperate woman. The truth is, most anything I can do from there I can also do from here. She really just wants me to come over there and "tell em how it's gonna be". She is willing to fly me out there, put me up somewhere nice, and buy me dinner & drinks. I've spent the last couple of hours looking for loopholes to help cover their non-compliant asses. I'm going to deliver, by Monday, a nice list of accounts that need x, y, or z in order to comply with regs and then their job will be to run it down and make it happen. I will arrange a few days off to get on my broom and go over there as I have often threatened to do. But it won't be this week.

I finally got full access into the new applications I needed for my big new site and it's really fantastic. I am loving it. Their documentation is so good that it makes me be able to fly through faster and not miss stuff. I am feeling happy... like... wave of happiness right now.

I watched a movie called "Spy" with Melissa McCarthy in it and I laughed and laughed. There are several really good laughs in that movie. I can't even remember at the moment what was so funny, but there were moments of brilliance in the writing. I'm gong to watch it again. I recorded it off HBO or Starz so I'm going to be watching it again. I also loved the movie "Mortdecai" for the same reason - hilarious. I rarely watch a movie even a second time once I've seen it, but there are a few that I can watch over and over. Like "Bridesmaids". And "So I Married an Axe Murderer". I recorded that one recently too and I might watch it tonight.

I am ready to relax and not think about work.
My hiney would love to not be in this computer chair, too.

I have a million things running through my head right now. I need to shut my thinker off for a little while. I have a bottle of Menage a Trois ~ Silk ~ that I shall be opening shortly. You know what this means? Yes, I'll be sleeping before my movie is over.

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