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2016-07-06 - 7:58 p.m.

FUBAR work applications still ruled the day today but I launched a back up plan today to get around the issue and LEMMETELLYASOMETHIN... there are some sick little monkeys still sucking air against all odds. These patients at the new place are something else.

Disclaimer: The following writings involve no names, no identifying data, no illegal compromise.

*Somebody* in this world has no legs, fell out of his wheelchair on a bus ramp and busted his sack. Let this sink in: no legs to break the fall, lands directly on the sack. Ouch. The weenus was apparently tucked in some way, because that got squashed too, and injured. The whole works developed cellulitis and landed dude in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

Another guy has a lung abscess so bad that it has eaten through his chest. He also has lesions of infection all over his brain, causing him to have altered mental status.

Someone else has a corked jugular vein, an inexplicable spontaneous bleed in the abdomen, and as if that were not enough, osteomyelitis of the skull. Bone infection. Skull. No bueno.

Fortunately for me, the documentation at this place is awesome. It gets to the point, lists stuff, and is not vague and stupid-headed like some of the others. I am going to be able to do the work for this place easier and faster than my other facility where each and every case is a convoluted mess.

Today was pretty good. Sometimes I send my sister a little message during the work day to tell her that when she thinks she is having a crappy day... just take a moment to be glad she is not laying in a hospital with a swollen and infected ball sack and a peeled asshole. haha. Or whatever has most recently blown my mind's eye.

My line of work keeps things in perspective for me.

It can always be worse.

My pups are both sick and tired of me being on the computer. They are creating diversions (Timmy is in the well), making chuffy little barks and bumping against my chair with their paws. I guess it's time to play.


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