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2016-06-30 - 1:25 a.m.

So I managed to sleep, even with the incessant damned chirping noise marking every 60 seconds or so and today I woke up resolved to call the handyman and get him over here as soon as possible to change all the batteries and any recessed light bulbs that are too high up for me to change. He said the soonest he can show up is tomorrow because today is his birthday and he doesn't work on his birthday. ::flat stare:: Happy Effin Birthday.

What's another day and night of endless marrow curdling chirp noises?

I got invited to a 4th of July party. Guess who's a hermit? Guess who would rather not go to a 4th of July party? I might go anyway. Undecided. My neighborhood people go all out for the 4th. People out here spend SO much money on fireworks. The city fireworks display ain't got nothing on my neighborhood. It's fun for the first 2 or 3 hours, but then they just keep going. All night.

Misfitstray, I don't think I've ever met a rabbit I didn't like, but I have a picture of a particularly cute felted rabbit from Etsy and I will post the picture here so you can see the coloring. I like this coloring and the shape of its head, the proportions of the ears to the head and all, but I'm sure a tan bunny or a gray & white one would be cute as well if this is hard to do or you don't have the colors for it. I will like it anyway, I'm sure. :-)

Adorable bunny:

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