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2016-06-23 - 9:27 p.m.

Black Garlic Ramen. Yes. This was a Blue Apron dinner that I was looking forward to. You already know of my love affair with noodles... if you read here. You know I am about to give them up for the summer... but this is the last blast before the carbs go bye bye.

It contains fresh Ramen, no flavor packets up in here! I had my first experience with black garlic and lemme tell ya... it was a little off putting at first because it looks like it just *might* be rotten. It's soft, shiny, and absolutely black. It looks like it's been moldering in someone's compost pile for a long time. It has an intense smell and it is magnificent. It has a sweet taste and it's full of flavor. Very easy to mince, because it's like... soft. There are also shitake mushrooms in this which is one of my favorite things, and fresh green beans, just quickly blanched. The soup is ponzu sauce, soy glaze, and water poured into the pot where the black garlic and other aromatics were cooked. Garnish with the scallions and the egg with some flaky sea salt on it. Voila!

Check it out

I was totally going to eat both bowls but I am too full to do that. I think I will reheat the other bowl for my lunch tomorrow.

It makes a pretty dish. Did I mention it was ridiculously good?

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