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2016-06-26 - 12:57 p.m.

Guess what happens when you save a bowl of delicious fresh ramen for later? The noodles absorb all the liquid. I still ate it and it was still good. You would think the noodles would be mushy after absorbing the liquid, but they weren't.

I sat down here to work a bit this afternoon so I can head into the new week with a clean slate. I didn't do much for my side jobs on Friday because I knew the people who do the next step are not going to do anything on Friday and it makes no difference to them whether it gets done on Friday or not. I like for it to be waiting on them Monday morning. Last week was very busy on the main job, because I was covering for 2 other workers. I was doing 3 people's jobs at once and not using any overtime to do it. It was busy, but while I expected it to be impossibly busy, it was merely hectic.

I noticed that one of the vacationers makes a lot of mistakes. Like... wow. If she was my student, she wouldn't be ready to take the exam. I'm not going to shine the light on this. My buddy covered for her last time she was off and she found the same thing. Loads of mistakes. I just wonder about these people from the chain we bought.

I made some decisions about this year's vacation. Sister and I are going to the place we will most likely relocate to. We are going to scout it out. We're staying in a beautiful place on a beautiful lake and it's going to be grand. I think it is going to turn into a whole family trip again because I hear tell my mom wants to go. That is fine with me. The more the merrier. Sister and I wanted to have a getaway where it is just us, but maybe we will do another trip somewhere. You know how it is with a big family trip. It is a whole different vibe than it is when it's just you and your sibling who knows where all the bodies are hidden and likes you anyway. We have some fun times, no filters, we say things to each other that we would never say to anyone else. Besties and sibs. That's us.

After last fall's vacation with everyone, I wasn't going to do it again. I paid way more than my share and my event that I wanted to do got cut from the list of things we did. It was .... eh... ok, but I don't care to ever do that again unless there's some very different ground rules. So I'm going to book my lodging and my sis is going in with me, so it will be our lodging, but anyone else who wants to go is booking and paying for their own. I am not booking everyone's travel nor participating in a caravan situation. Errbody gonna have to get they damn self there. The thing that sucks about a crowd is that you have to have a consensus about the activities. I want to do what I want to do. hahahaha. You know what's fun though? Getting tipsy at a moonshine tasting. That's FUN. I'd like to do that again.

I just sat here and realized that if we let the folks in, that takes out our babysitter and it will be the whole famn damily on the trip again.

Hmmm... I need to call my sister.

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