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2016-06-23 - 9:58 a.m.

How did I end up covering for 2 vacationing slackers AGAIN? Somebody dropped out last minute and I agreed to cover the site. On a conference call yesterday my boss was talking about who could do this or that next month and she made the comment to me "You're gonna be busy". My new site that I am being assigned to is a large, rapid turnover place so I guess that will be a hoot AND a holler. But ya know? I ain't skerred. I'm going to slay it. A new task was laid on us corporate people yesterday and it's an added burden but it also smells like job security. I want them to have plenty for me to do. Indefinitely. God willing. Knock on wood. Yesterday was busy as Hell.

I'm on my last Blue Apron shipment for a while. I've cancelled the upcoming ones to buckle down on the ketogenic regimen.

I am hearing "The Arsonist" by Puscifer. I love that song so much. I did like it the first time I heard it, but it grew on me even more and I just love it so much. Maynard James Keenan is the singer for Puscifer, Tool, and A Perfect Circle for anyone reading who may not know this. He is the coolest individual on the planet. He has 3 bands and owns/operates a vineyard in his spare time. I've been watching a new show called "Preacher" (which is really... so good) and there is a character on there that should have been played by Maynard. Would have been a bit of magical casting. They should have consulted me on this. I would not lead them wrong.

One time my beloved and I were at a Puscifer show and a security guard rolled up on me because he saw that I had a phone cam out
(in a sea of other phone cams) and he was trying to get my attention to scold me (I guess because I was conveniently located near to where he was) but I wasn't hearing him so he touched me. Mistake! My boyfriend, who is a big scary dude moved really fast and told the security guard "You don't need to touch her". And the security guy backed right down. When have you ever seen that happen? I thought we were about to get booted out of a show, but the guy totally backed down. My guy could go from chillin' to murderous in one hot second. This was awesome to witness upon occasion. I felt really safe when he was around. I feel vulnerable in the world now, but I takes my chances. I've only ever felt that level of safeness with my dad when I was little and with my guy.

We're coming up on a weekend and I'm oh so glad. I like the 48 hours of zero expectations.

Speaking of expectations... I have a dilemma. I've got this friend... I have bitched about her before. She is one of the highest IQs out there, but she refuses to participate in life. She refuses to learn a skill or do a job that pays anything at all. She married a guy who is almost as uninterested in earning his keep as she is and together they suck on the curb all day every day. They live in poverty rather than to do something about it. She pretends like there is some kind of noble value in not being materialistic.

Her husband quits jobs when he has nothing to replace it. He got laid off a job and had 4 months of severance pay and 6 months of unemployment in which to find a replacement job and he waited until every benefit was run out before he started truck driving school. Now he is a truck driver, but he is paid for the miles he drives and he parks his truck early in the day and just lays around not getting paid. She went on a run with him and found out that he parks for the day 3 or 4 hours before the end of his drive time. He'd rather forego the pay and just camp out at the truck stop. It had been a big mystery to her why he was making so little money. She should have come to the same conclusion I came to when I was married to a non-achiever. "If you want anything in this life, you have to get it your damn self." That is my motto. So her motto is apparently "If your husband won't provide.... just whine a lot and depend on the kindness of others." She feels entitled to loaf, because her husband made some stupid promises about her not having to work when they got married. Then he didn't provide.

Bottom line... he got sick on the road and went in the hospital. They didn't get paid while he was sick. They are behind on all their bills. She has been hinting on FB about being kind to others and helping people when they are in need. (har har) I could end their suffering without murdering anyone... but I don't really want to. If her daughter sets up a gofundme, I'll donate. But I don't want to be the one to spearhead it. I don't want to send them money and set a precedence of giving them money, because they will lay around, run up debt, and not be able to pay again and again and again. They live a crisis lifestyle and they constantly depend on the kindness of others when they inevitably hit another crisis point. I want to just come out with the gritty truth. No one has enough money to bail someone out of their never ending life messes when they won't even try to help themselves. I know she wonders why I haven't given her some money. She's posting stuff about not having any money to pay her bills. ::sigh::

My inner truth bringer wants to uvulate freely.

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