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2016-06-20 - 11:58 a.m.

I'm baaaaaaack...

I got home around 12:30 last night and I was so exhausted. I didn't sleep well the night before, so I started out really tired and drove 5 hours on that wonderful note. Then once I got home I was presented with a dilemma... Do I watch Game of Thrones or Outlander? I record my shows so I don't miss anything. I went for GoT. Outlander will be tonight. I just couldn't do both. I had to get my snooze on.

It was so great to get home. I feel so much better in my own home. I may have a kidney infection. My back was hurting, right on the kidney area, and during my trip home I had to stop 4 times to pee and then I had to go directly to the restroom as soon as I got in. Urgently. I don't have fever, but I'm not feeling too great. I am treating what I feel is a kidney infection with apple cider vinegar, manuka honey, herbal tea, and lots of water. The apple cider vinegar makes an environment the bacteria can't live in and manuka honey is up to 100 times more powerful than regular honey as an antibacterial agent. Herbal teas are good for it and good ole pure water will flush out the toxins. If it's not better in a few days, I will go to the doctor. I'd like to avoid that for all the obvious reasons, but also, I don't want to take any harmful antibiotics. I'd rather try a natural remedy and see if I can fix it myself. I'm also watching my diet really strict right now because I don't want diabetes to harm my kidneys. Gotta keep my sugar down. I don't know why we humans want to get together with our loved ones and commit a mass poisoning with carbs and sugars, but that's exactly what we do. "Here, I love you, eat this cake and die."

I think I am going to have to suspend my blue apron shipments for a while in order to adhere closer to my ketogenic regimen. I'm thinking of going full boar, so to speak, because I just feel better when I'm keto-adapted. Many of the blue apron dinners are low carb so I may be able to pick and choose carefully, but you know when a steam bun shows up, I'm going to want to grab it. Same with udon noodles.

As many days as I just had off, I still wish I had one more day to just lay around and recuperate. I don't notice illness until it's right on top of a crisis point.

I think it is time to resume my scheduled Monday, already in progress.


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