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2016-06-01 - 10:21 a.m.

I lucked out for the weekend. The last thing I wrote about was having to sling it together and do a road trip. I really didn't want to go, but I felt like I should go and I wanted to see my folks. Then, miracle of miracles, my mom called and suggested that they come see me instead of me going there! I was very happy to oblige. Mom was feeling like getting away for a few days. Unfortunately, some roads were washed out and they ended up taking a long detour and getting lost. Dad's GPS kept trying to take them back to the main route, which was closed. There is a road out between my house and my sister's place too, so when I go to her house I have to go all the way around her town and come down from the north to get there. I can't get to Costco due to roads being completely under water. I'm pretty much stranded until the water recedes and we are expecting rain for the next 3 days. I hope the water recedes a lot before the rain starts back up and then I hope the flooding doesn't get worse. I want to go to Costco. They have stuff over there that I need!

Every time we have a heavy rain, some of the underpasses fill up with water like a swimming pool and people drown. You would think people would have learned by now not to drive out into water. It seems there are a fair number of deaths in Houston every year due to dumb asses driving out into water and drowning. I guess they don't believe it can happen to them. Recently a very pretty young woman, about 23 or 24 years old, went around the barrier so she could cross a road and she drowned. When the water gets past a certain number of inches, your car starts to float and you have no control at all. Why do people think they are somehow magically different? It's really scary. I stay my ass home when the roads are flooded. I gots to live.

My folks finally got here and we had a very nice visit. My mom said she can really relax at my house because she feels like she doesn't have to worry about anything and she is not responsible for everything when she is here. She lets a lot of people depend on her for help. It's overwhelming to her even though she brings it on herself. She tries to solve other people's problems and she arranges her life to be in service of other people. This is how she wants it to be, but she likes a break every now and then. We had a good time, grilled some burgers, visited a lot. My mom actually did a "white glove test"! The only reason I know this is because she was so impressed, she had to confess that my house passed her test. She said she just had to see if the maids were getting everything. hahaha. She told me she couldn't resist doing a white glove test to see if they were dusting the tops of picture frames and everything and she was happy to report that she didn't find a SPECK of dust. NOTASPECK I tell you. My mom is a notorious clean freak and she is impressed with my maid service. That's saying something.

I literally have nothing whatsoever to do on my main job right now. I can go in and help my student do her work and I guess I will do that. My student didn't send me anything to review yesterday and nothing so far today. I know she has work to do. There have been many times on this job when I was so busy and overloaded it wasn't even right, so I'll take this downtime, thank you very much.



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