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2016-05-25 - 5:05 p.m.

I'm having a rather calorie dense afternoon snack consisting of 3 bites of chocolate covered mango and a handful of macadamia nuts to slow down the sugar. Can't be sugar spiking up in this joint.

Lemme tell you something about Costco and macadamia nuts. The Kirkland brand produces the best damn macadamia nuts EVARRR. I had been buying these puny little jars of Planters macadamia nuts for 8 bucks a pop and the quality had gone way downhill lately. They've been small and not very many whole ones in the jar. Just bits and pieces and dark chewy ones... I thought the macadamia trees in paradise had some kind of blight or something and this was just how it was going to be until a better harvest happens.

Then I visited our new Costco and saw this display of BIG lavender colored cans of Macadamias for sale. You get roughly a shitload of nuts for 16.99. As opposed a tiny jar for 8 bucks. You get 3 or 4 times as much for the money. So I figured with the price alone, I couldn't go wrong. I bought the can and when I opened it, I was amazed to find the biggest, best macadamia nuts I've EVER had. And I used to live in Hawaii. I've had me some macadamias. These are fresh and crispety, just like God intended. They make a good snack, since they have protein, and they're very low carb. I'm going to take the kid and the folks a couple of cans of them when I go visit them this weekend.

I made my chicken filled steam buns last night and they were awesome. I decided to try the recipe as the instructions indicated instead of making sliders. As I was making the chicken filling, I realized this stuff would make great lettuce wrap filling. It was ground chicken, black bean sauce, scallions, and this spicy and slightly sweet kimchi spice blend. The black bean sauce tastes less like beans and more like a soy sauce tinged sweet-ish Asian food sauce. It's good stuff. I am going to make that recipe again, but I'm going to small dice some water chestnuts, mushroom bits, and maybe something else like a little bit of very small diced carrot and stir fry that all in there to make lettuce wraps. I think it would be good to get endives and just fill the leaves with this chicken mixture, or just use big leaves from butter crunch lettuce. Yezzzzz... soon I will be doing that.

My co-worker buddy told me that when she was little, she and her siblings used to pick these little tiny, round, red peppers that are crazy hot and as a joke, they would slip these peppers into each other's food at dinner time and wait for the show to begin. It's apparently like eating a Habanero. Sounds hilarious but dangerous. I just got off the phone with her. She's funny. She was wondering if I was going out of town for the long weekend. We need to go on another spree. Shopping this time, not killing.

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