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2016-05-26 - 12:18 p.m.

My patient... ::sigh::

The patient is in his early 50's and he was brought in after a whole month in ICU, combative, confused, cognitively and physically wrecked with a fractured everything, a severe head injury, skull fracture, has to learn to do everything over again, so many broken bones that I just barely had enough spaces to list them all. Internal injuries, lung, spleen, etc... and of course, all of this due to the fact that he was driving a motorcycle while he was high.

In healthcare, motorcyclists are also known as "organ donors". A motorcyclist is basically a projectile with no protective shell (car) surrounding their tender human tissues, and they don't fare too well when an accident goes down. To make matters much worse, this guy was positive for meth, of all things. He has a big drug and alcohol history and a history of past accidents just like this one. He already had a severe head injury in the past. You'd think a guy might want to try a new hobby instead of damaging his brain for a change. Ya know... just to shake things up and try new things. When he isn't battering his head against the pavement, he is battering it with drugs.

I searched and searched but didn't find a code for "eat up with stupid".

I am sorry this guy is in pain and that he keeps on harming himself with his exceedingly poor life choices, but it angers my chi when a dumb ass wastes what they've been blessed with while there are good people fighting to survive random diseases and then they die anyway. Meanwhile, meth boy throws himself off every cliff he passes and just keeps on plugging. This guy is not only a danger to himself, but to everyone else as well. He will be off the streets for a good long time and maybe for always, since he currently doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Don't do drugs, kids.

Did I mention that my TATER of a student passed her coding test and is now graduated from my training program?!?! I am so happy!! The timing couldn't have been better either. It's coming up on the end of the month when I have to do these horrible reports on my students that list every single case and all their mistakes and the percentage of correctness. I dread the report like poison. I don't have to do one for her this month. So yay! I'm sure I'll get a new spud to take her place.

I made the best dinner last night! I almost didn't order this one because it was catfish (and Udon noodles). But I had to have the Udon, so ya do whatcha gots to do. Turns out, this dinner was spectacular. I like catfish, but I'm picky about it. It was just simple fried catfish, but they sent me very high quality fish and it was tasty. The Udon noodle dish was new to me. I sauteed some fresh ginger, scallions, and something I've never had before called yoku ... eh... lemme go get my recipe card... Yuzu Kosho! It was a little green blob of spicy. It's ground up something... yuzu... an Asian fruit, spicy something, and salt. It smelled freshy fresh and good, so I added half, tasted it, and then added the rest. I went all in with the hotness! After a minute or two you add in the ponzu sauce which I'm guessing is a big ingredient in Miso soup. Soy tasting, tangy, flavorful goodness. Add 1 cup of water and 1/2 pound of fresh udon noodles. Cook this for about 5 minutes and then add maybe a half pound of sliced snow pea pods and cook that for about 2 more minutes so they are still crisp. The juice is mostly soaked up in the noodles. This was a dish that I really liked and will repeat. The fish was crispy and well seasoned. So good. I'm learning a lot about Asian ingredients.

With Blue Apron, I find it is best to trust the process and go with what the recipe card says. I have been surprised a few times by liking something I didn't think I would like. I was already a really good cook, I do must say, but I've learned a lot of things from this experience and have widened my knowledge and mad kitchen skillz even more. I've also added to my list of ingredients to keep on hand... like chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce, Gojuchang paste, ponzu sauce, and now yuzu kosho. And steam buns and udon. And...

I ordered some "Korean rice cakes" from Amazon and they look for all the world like hot glue sticks. I read a recipe for them in the Blue Apron archives. I couldn't get that dish for some reason, so I thought I would buy the stuff off Amazon and try it. It apparently cooks into a chewy noodle-like thing and it sounded good in that recipe. So we shall see. I'm keeping an open mind here.

I'm amazed at how much less frequently I have to add water to my Keurig and k cups to my k-cup rack now that the boy is gone. He must suck up an awful lot of coffee when he is here. The groceries are lasting and lasting and one day I had bought a rotisserie chicken and had almost all of it leftover, because, no boy. So I made a King Ranch chicken casserole out of it and have been eating on that thing for days. Normally whatever I cook is GONE, that day, no matter how much I made. The Boy just keeps going back until it's gone. My true love used to do that too. They are both "no leftovers" type people. I still have some chicken casserole and I had that for lunch today. I've got enough left for one more lunch. I also have half my steam buns left over and I will have them tonight or tomorrow. I think I'll wait and drive to my folks house on Saturday.

I could get by all week on just my Blue Apron box and a few incidentals. There are 6 meals in each box. I could eat one dinner out per week for the 7th day, do salads for lunches all week, and bulletproof coffee for breakfasts and that's all I really need. I've got to go to the store today because I'm out of cream for my coffee and I do need that. I wish I could order extra groceries from blue apron to go in my weekly box. I could just have them send me my coffee cream and more steam buns and unusual spices in small amounts. I predict one day in the not so distant future, people will order all their groceries online very routinely. I think this is the wave of the future and will be very commonplace.

I have very little work to do for my main job today. Celebrate!! I have some stuff to do for my side job though so I guess I might as well get on that.

I'm glad we had this little chat.

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