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2016-05-24 - 5:08 p.m.

I am in possession of 6 beautiful Chinese steam buns. Yes, that's right. Soft, delicious, scarce, hard to find, Chinese steam buns. I did watch a video on how to make them and it looked easy enough. I hesitate to start making them, because I could end up unconscious in the gutter with bread flour around my mouth. Bread is my dearest food group and the one that I really should never ever dabble with.

But I'm eating 3 of those bad boys for dinner tonight and the other 3 will be some other dinner. Probably tomorrow, if I'm being honest. If not later tonight. Last time, I shared my 6 precious steam buns 3 ways and had one share of them partially eaten but mostly wasted by the nephew's girlfriend. I don't know how she could possibly not eat the thing. I guess not everyone is as smitten with the steam bun experience as I am. She said she wasn't feeling well. NO EXCUSE says I.

I was super happy to see my Blue Apron box today because I knew of its delectable treasures in advance. These steam buns are to be filled with a spicy and flavorful filling made of chicken, but I'm really tempted to forego that plan and make a batch of Korean sliders instead. I think I'll make the chicken filling and have it in 3 steam buns tonight and then tomorrow make Korean sliders out of the other 3. I also got some Udon noodles in this shipment and I love me some Udon. I'm basically having too many carbs this week due to the things I selected to go in my shipment.

Costco is trying to kill me. I went over there and they were handing out some dried mango slices covered in dark chocolate on one aisle and some other chunky wonderfulness in dark chocolate on the next aisle. I was walking around with 2 fists full of dark chocolate goodies. Pushing my cart with my forearms. I grazed at Costco and had some chicken strip with a spicy sauce and had to go in search of drinky stuff. It was hot tea.. disappointed! I wanted COLD drinky stuff. Dried mango slices in dark chocolate is terribly good. Dark chocolate is good for us, right?

I wish food didn't have the capability to kill us and make us fat. It would be great to be able to just eat whatever I want. Moderation is over-rated. But excellent health is not over-rated, soooo yeah. It's not like I bought a whole bag of that shit when the boy is not even here to scarf it all up from me. Ok, I did but it's going with me to my mom's house this coming weekend. I'll let that flock of locusts decimate my chocolate mango crop.

Last night I went outside to load up the recycle bin and get it on the curb for today's pick up. I have lots of cardboard delivered up in here. Boxes alla time and whatnot. So... there I was, in my driveway, trying to maneuver into the recycle bin a huge box that a dorm refrigerator came in. This box was slam full of smaller boxes, plastic stuff, and packing peanuts. When I lifted the box off the ground to hopefully slide it into the bin, the whole bottom opened up and everything fell out. Packing peanuts went everywhere. So I was out there chasing packing peanuts in the wind in my nightie and my sideshow Bob hairdo. Like so many things that happen to me, this was a thoroughly silly display. I'm just glad everyone wasn't out watching the show.

I'm having a rare headache of the 800 mg of Ibuprofen variety. I am waiting for it to kick in even as we speak and I've got some more work to do before I can call it a day.


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