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2016-05-19 - 11:34 a.m.

What is up with Firefox? It's crashing a lot lately. Might be my computer.

I woke up today with a long scratch and a bruise on my leg. I have no memory of hurting myself during the night. This is concerning, since I have a history of being a sleep walker and I sometimes get up and do ridiculous things when I am asleep. When I was a toddler, my parents had to barricade the door at night to keep me from leaving the house. Sometimes I get up and turn the heat all the way up or the AC all the way to the coldest setting. I used to worry that I would go outside naked when I lived at my apartment before I bought my house here. I haven't been worried about any of that since I've lived in this house because I haven't had any evidence of nightly antics. Till now. ::le sigh::

No wonder I'm tired today. Who knows what I got up to last night.

The nephew is going to be going to his mom's very soon for the whole summer. Maybe today. I hope he doesn't get his feelers hurt that I want him to carry his ass right away (and don't dilly dally about it).

I am in a hurry to get started on my summer break. I expected him to go when school let out and that was last week. The maids came on Tuesday and he should have already been gone so his area of the house would be clean and unsullied for the summer. I am anxious to clean out the fridge and pantry, remove all the fast carbs, set up my kitchen for the summer, not have anyone cooking in my kitchen and making messes. I found a small blob of Jello stuck to the wall by the pantry the other morning. WTF? How does a grown person get Jello on the wall to begin with? I look forward to having everything in the house exactly as it should be, and me gliding around effortlessly with nothing to be annoyed about for the entire summer. No crazy messes to find and be pissed about.

I look forward to my privacy, to not having to be concerned with anyone's dinner but my own, no worries about him in general... no girlfriend coming over... I don't want to have to know about his sex life. I'm really sick of having to know about it. If he is too old to live like a kid in my house, he needs to get his own house, ya heard? But he cannot, because he fiddle farted around instead of achieving the education he needs in order to support himself and now his friends are graduating college and landing careers and he is just now gathering up enough credits to equal one semester. I'm ready for him to be moving out and he is still near the beginning of his schooling. So I decided a nice summer off for me would be good and now I want it to start and he is dragging ass. He doesn't like the town his mom lives in and she has limited internet, none of his friends are there. So he is not in the biggest of hurries and I bet he is going to try to shorten the stay, especially if he can't play video games. I told him to pay his mom the extra $$ to get more bandwidth or whatever, so hopefully that will allow him to play his games.

He said "maybe" he would be packing up and going to his mom's today, but I bet he won't. If he isn't gone by Friday, I will tell him his mom is expecting him during the weekend. I am on pins and needles at this point, so it has to happen by no later than this weekend.

I will miss him some and I might feel lonely with nobody around, but I bet I won't. I enjoyed the hell outta my summer last year.

Soon... soooooooon

I'm the best Auntie in the world. Or the biggest dummy.


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