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2016-05-20 - 3:14 p.m.


I'm an empty nester for the whole summer!!! Ahhhhh yezzzzz...

You know, I felt a little sad to see him go. I really do love the kid and he is fun to talk to. He sort of hangs out with me at times. He will just come in to my office sometimes when I'm working and just sit here with a book, or his phone, or his laptop and just "be". He loves me, even though I'm a tyrant.

Before he left he wanted to show me again how to load the shotgun and take off the safety. He gave me the key to his gun safe in case I need to pop a cap in more than one ass. I'm hoping to keep my death count down to no more than one for the summer, but you never know.

The kid went around and ate up most of the carbs for me. Such a giver, that boy. He didn't want to leave any ice cream or Cheetos lying about. That kind of stuff is nothing but poison and he just wants me to be healthy, bless his heart. He told me to keep the back door shut and locked and try not to get my throat cut while he's gone. I promised to do my best.

I have a nice light work load for my main gig today... I'm almost done. I have some things I could be doing for my side jobs. I am working on some projects to help increase compliance under some heavy new requirements we have to meet. I am really enjoying that work. I've gotten into a groove with everything where I can keep it all done without sitting here 24/7. I'm really the only one in that entire company that fully understands the payment system. There is great fulfillment in that.

We've had an unexpected cold front come through here and the weather got kind of surprisingly cool the last few days. I love that. I'm not ready for the steam. It's going to be like dog breath here for the next 5 months, give or take a couple of weeks. That's my only complaint about my community. The damn heat.

I found a castle in the Ozarks... like.. an actual castle.. on 35 acres. Right in the town I want to be in. I know I seem wishy washy always talking about moving, but sometimes I actually do the crazy things I dream about and I am most definitely not staying here permanently. My only dilemma now is that my kid wants me to be closer to her, but I don't want to live where she lives. I could buy a nice house there and be ok there, but I feel like I should go for my ultimate and just visit her and my folks frequently. The jury is still out. Family guilt or ultimate dreams? THAT is the question.

Right now I am swaying towards ultimate dreams, partially because my sister is down for some adventures and is willing to sell all and bolt with me. I think we have something big to do out there somewhere...

I love the possibilities of life.


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