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2016-05-03 - 11:07 a.m.

Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and the nephew was in the room so I was reveling and making up obnoxious songs about the fact that I'm going to take the whole summer off from cooking and hardly wash a dish the whole time because there will be so very few dishes dirtied up in his absence. (He is a relentless eater.)

He replied that I'm a neat freak just like my mother. My response: "Oh huh." So he said "No, you ARE. You're just as much of a clean freak as she is!! Even papaw knows. I told him that you somehow know if I just breathe near one of your walls or something and Papaw said "She's Mamaw's daughter." Then he said "This tells me that Papaw is in the same boat as me. He can't do anything right either." I find this funny that they were discussing it and commiserating over their lot. I also find it kind of flattering to be compared to mom since she is an awesome homemaker. I never thought of myself as being in her league, as far as the Domestic Goddessing goes... but I do like to keep my sanctuary nice. I mean... it's my environment and I like it to be lovely and fabulous at all times. It's not that hard to do really. It's just a matter of having a place for everything and everything in its place. The maid service doesn't hurt, either.

The weather is so nice that I've got the back door open and a big fat fly got in. I hate flies and they are foul tempered little beasts. When you swat at a fly, ever notice they then make it their mission to land on you? It's like they have feisty little personalities and they get mad when you swat at them. I looked it up, because google is my friend and it turns out this is a thing! There have been studies! Flies DO get angry and they do come at you harder when you blow air on them, swat at them, or disturb their air space. I need a fly swatter. I will not take this harassment in my own home!

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