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2016-05-02 - 11:30 a.m.

I'm out of my mind with glee today. For no particular reason. I'm just flippin' happeh. This is a fairly frequent happening for me. I mean, I feel like just celebrating. Running around in circles in my back yard even. This might be why I don't have a drugs and alcohol problem. I have the natural highs.

It is downright chilly here today which is so wonderful. We were already into muggy and humid weather, so a cool front is very welcome right now. I'm not ready for the kind of heat we get here.

More happy: I feel really great about work. I'm transitioning one of my students to a new level and my instruction is going very well. I think I could write a guide and I actually think I ought to. In my spare time of course... I am apparently a pretty good teacher. haha. Who knew? I wasn't entirely sure I would be able to disguise my frustration and keep words like "idiot" and "imbecile" out of my vocabulary, but it's going pretty well. hahaha. I am kind of passionate about my work.

I'm getting into a nice groove with it. I am finding that I've been able to get it all done in a shorter time and have my evenings and weekends more free for other things. There for a while I was working all the time and it was pretty badly out of balance. It's all smooth sailing now. Now watch it get crazy busy all of a sudden.

So I have these lovable puppies. Two little rascals who are as happy as I am for a nice cool spring day. I've been eating blueberries off my blueberry bushes. They are still just loaded down. After all the berries have been harvested, I'm going to prune these bushes. My tangerines are about the size of boulder marbles with a couple of slightly bigger ones here and there. There are a good couple dozen on there. It's still a pretty small tree. I need to replant it into a larger container. I'm never going to plant it in the ground, I don't think. I want to get a lemon tree too.

Oops. I didn't book my vacation over the weekend like I was supposed to. EEK. I better do that. Plane tickets are really cheap right now. Makes me want to pick someplace interesting and just go for a weekend. I've got to kennel my pups though. Can't just up and go. I could leave the pups with my nephew but he may or may not let them outside enough.

I need some protein. All of a sudden.

Gotta go.


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