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2016-05-04 - 10:48 a.m.

My Uncle left his travel breathing machine, his good socks and drawz, his suitcase and garment bag, his best suit of clothes, his shaving kit, and several other things at my house the last time he was here. My folks thought they were going to be right back. And then he got too sick to travel because while he has beat cancer, he still has COPD and now we know his liver is sick. Non-alcoholic liver failure. Now he is going to another hospital to see if his liver can be helped and he needed his travel stuff for that trip. I was asked to "overnight it" no matter what it costs, just send it. So last Saturday I sent the package "Second day air" with a guarantee that it would be there Tuesday by the end of the day. That was the fastest route and it cost 88 bucks to send it. They explained that "Over-night" was the same as second day air in this case because this package wouldn't even leave for overnight until Monday and Tuesday would be the fastest possible delivery date. I could go second day air for cheaper and it would still get there on Tuesday. Guaranteed. All for a mere 88 bucks. I could have gone round trip to Denver for that price.

Take a wild guess... Do you think that package made it on time? Did they manage to get a package a few hundred miles in 3 days time? I could have driven it to his doorstep myself in 6 hours. They had 3 days and 1 job. Did they do it? Of course not! We're still waiting. The tracking system said it was delivered yesterday, but when it was really tracked down, the driver says he will be in that area between 10:30 am and 2:30 pm today. Saturday to Wednesday and it is still not there. How come nobody can ever do anything right? The good news is that I will get a refund. They have a service guarantee and since they missed it completely, I'll get at least some of the money back. My Uncle is going to pay me back for the shipping charges, so hopefully it won't cost him much to not receive his travel stuff on time to go on his trip.

Oy vey.

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